Call of Duty: Black Ops: New gameplay details out

The first details on Call of Duty: Black Ops are in, via new issues of Official Xbox Magazine and PC Zone.

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3266d ago
Assaultx3266d ago

I'm guessing by vehicles, they are just referring to killstreaks, and that helicopter shown in the trailer will be one of them. Would be interesting (and much harder) to actually have to pilot your killstreaks.

There isn't enough info to say if i'll get this or not, but i like treyarch a lot more than iw, and i think they could make something much better than MW2. Even though it won't sell as well. Too many "it's not iw, it will suck" morons.

claterz3266d ago

"Too many "it's not iw, it will suck" morons."
I don't think it's because this game is from treyarch, It's probably because most people prefer the modern warfare series. tbh most people who play CoD probably don't care who develops the game.

black ops wishlist:
fixed killstreaks.
1 primary weapon, 1 secondary (pistol only)
realistic perks.

basically I want everything CoD4 and WaW had but in vietnam..

aaabbbccc43243266d ago

hopefully zombies and more health, increasing player size from 18 to 24 or 32 and single player is over 15 hours this will be a success otherwise its another game for immature bullies or 12 year olds

Squall50053266d ago

I expect the single player campaign to be about 5-10 hours, just like MW2

bakaPX3266d ago

Zombie mode killing Viet Congs
Split Screen
Less glitches
No care packages like MW2
No sending the dogs
Viet Congs popping out of nowhere in campaign mode.
Realistic game play etc