Manual reveals some details on newly redesigned PSP Lite

Manual reveals some new details on PSP Lite

- RAM has been doubled to 64MB, games should load faster

- The new system will support charging over USB

- The 1200mAh battery is rated at 3-6 hours, the same as the original PSP's 1800mAh battery (good news: more efficient, bad news: same overall runtime)

- Original PSP remotes will not work with the new PSP

- The fancy component AV cable will not be included (big surprise)

- The PSP Lite features a TA-085 PCB ... so, uh, yeah ...

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neogeo5426d ago

maybe I will enjoy this more

Double-Edged5426d ago

I have psp 1.5 custom firmware.
have PSone games and Mame games and snes games and PSP games downloaded.

But never play it. Why?
PSP never had real handheld games. Lumines was good.

I want the DS lite because it has lots of short and good games.

I guess we are opposite.

SuperSaiyan45426d ago

Sony and their never including cables with the product amazing absolutly amazing.

Azurite5426d ago

Pretty much like any other console in existence using peripherals, yes, you're absolutely right.

ItsDubC5426d ago (Edited 5426d ago )

3-6 hours? I thought the original PSP's battery lasted 8 hours... It's great that the PSP Lite is more efficient but I think gamers would have liked to see longer battery life as a result of that increase in efficiency. By comparison, the DS Lite's battery is rated at 14 hours max.

How long does the current PSP battery last if you're only playing stuff off a memory card?

Huddymonster5426d ago

I wished it was a hgmi hook up to the tv. Either way I love gadgets so I will def be picking up the PSP Slim!!!!

BIadestarX5426d ago

" RAM has been doubled to 64MB, games should load faster " I'm a bit concern about this.... More memory (unless memory is faster) does not translate to faster loading.... but simply that developers can load into memory more content and makes game level bigger or more detailed.

Here are some questions:
Now that developers will have more ram to play with... does that mean that if they make a game that take advantage of this extra Ram... will my older PSP be able to play the game?

This is the reason why usually core components that can affect how games run on a console or handheld are usually not changed... then people have to worry about which version they have... or developers may have to limit the code they write to the lowest common denominator and endup not using the extra hardware for the most part.

ItsDubC5426d ago

I also wonder about Sony's intention by doubling the RAM. While devs can run a simple test to see how much RAM is available before loading content into the additional 32MB, my hope is that they don't create games which rely on this extra RAM to deliver a quality gaming experience at the expense of older-PSP owners. It would be terrible to have a game run smoothly on the PSP Lite that becomes almost unbearable on the original PSP.

One advantage that the console gaming industry has over its PC gaming counterpart is that devs can design games that are guaranteed to run the same on every consumer's console, and taking advantage of the extra RAM in the PSP Lite would dishearten those who put their faith into the PSP brand early-on.

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