Surprise no-shows at E3 - Hot games, curiously absent

Ever get that feeling like there's something else waiting to impress you, past what's on the agenda? GamesRadar have compiled a list of the biggest no-shows at E3.

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nicodemus5426d ago (Edited 5426d ago )

was the absence of Project Offset. I wanted to see it so badly, I can't believe they didn't show any videos, or release any screenshots, or even say a word about it... I'm starting to think the game is simply dead at this point (or delayed indefinitely).

It's a shame. The hype for it at E3 2005 was unbelievable, but they seemed to have just given up on it. Not a word in 10 months--it's killing me!

bizzy125426d ago

yea what happen to the rumor res 4 coming to the 360 and pic that look up to date with nxt gen graphics it was to be shown at e3 i was really looking forward to that becouse i havent played it yet.

SimmoUK5426d ago

Word is that alot of no shows will turn up at the Leipzig convention, most the European studios will be there fingers crossed...

PS360PCROCKS5426d ago

I wanted to see more on too human and alan wake

ASSASSYN 36o5426d ago

You don`t have xbox-live? There is a new video of too human fighting grendal in the e3 trailers section of marketplace.

FCOLitsjustagame5426d ago

I was looking forward to a lot more Too Human also. Plus I was looking for a confirmed 07 release date. Oh well, delays only make games better, right?

The Swordsman5426d ago

I wish that Tekken 6 had been there. Maybe then I would have finally got to see some gameplay videos of Yoshimitsu and his new fighting style.

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The story is too old to be commented.