E3 07: New Halo 3 Screenshots for Xbox 360

Check 12 new screenshots from Halo 3 for Microsoft Xbox 360...

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TheXgamerLive5426d ago

Incredible detail. Halo 3 will be mind blowing.

I have 3 days scheduled off from work when it's released. I will be sh1ting in my pants so I have to be home, lol.

Zaskark35426d ago

Halo 3 is 2 months away from release and A 2008 game is getting more hype and attention very sad

rusgreim5426d ago (Edited 5426d ago )

"Hype" on this website are determined by number of comments and the time between them, the more comments and the quicker they are posted the "hotter" the story.

Killzone has had at LEAST 65 stories in the past week, half of which have been flame fodder that have gotten Xbox and Sony fanboys flaming each other into kingdom come.

And then of course, there are Sony FanFags like you who create a new account, get stripped down to one bubble because of your lame inflamitory comments, and then you go create another account... I do wonder what your previous ID was before it was bubble stripped or banned.

In short, shut up and stay to the PS3 side. No one likes you or your opinion.

eLiNeS5426d ago

it that HALO is brought up 90% of the time in those post for killzone so what does that tell you. HALO is the bar all the devs are trying to reach from the Fony F4gboys point of view. They want games as awesome as HALO on there PofS3 so bad they can taste it. So they post over and over in the Killzone post so the devs will see what bar they need to reach to please the Fony F4gboys. To bad their only getting HOME anytime soon. Get ready to play house F4gboys.

( )

Hayabusa 1175426d ago

How about all the time Halo 3 spent as the hottest game on N4G? Didn't have anything to say then did you? Get a fukin life.

Snake_Doctor5426d ago

I would say GTA4 is losing hype.
But people will still play it. Hype is just hype. Play games stop tryna bash fool.

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Bill Gates5426d ago


I have a Halo Toilette, you XBOTS interested in that too? It's perfect for this CRAP game....HAHAHHA

For your sakes I hope having to get up to change the disk every 2 hours will "un" zombie your poor souls....hahahhahhhaha

neogeo5426d ago

Gates did you even look at the pics?
I'm not a Halo fan and I own and love my PS3. but its time to put respect were respect is due and this game is shaping up to be sweet.

Also I here they new 65mn chip is ready to ship?
if thats true I will pick up a 360 because I know it wont break.

candystop5426d ago (Edited 5426d ago )

Ignore him! He's stupid and thinks he's a comedian!

ShiftyLookingCow5426d ago

ignored by 86 users, wow and your comments, honestly you seem like you want to dash the hopes of underage Halo fans and make them cry.

TheMART-sucksdick5426d ago

Hahahahahahaha They must be sooooo angry oooooooooooo hahahahaha halo 2.5 hahaha why? nerdy POS.

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tudors5426d ago

These have been shown already.