Sony survey suggests new mode for MAG, additional paid character slot

Joystiq writes: A handful of tipsters recently sent in a link to a survey currently being distributed by Sony, which appears to test the waters regarding two updates considered for Zipper Interactive's big ol' shooter, MAG.

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Nitrowolf23261d ago

i don't like that idea f having an extra slot and having to pay even though its dirt cheap. But i guess if this is how they are going to manage there servers i think.
I really want another character slot, i hate having to want to switch fraction but loose all my gear

Christopher3261d ago

I'm not into recurring fees unless it's an MMO that's worth it. I'm not sure it's worth an extra $0.99 to have two character slots when it's unlikely I'll play more than one character at a time, even across factions.

-Alpha3261d ago (Edited 3261d ago )

The only real thing I would pay for in MAG (though I've largely left the game) is a 3-Way mode where all three factions play against each other.

In fact, that would be the perfect way to end the game.


Oh of course, the map has to be perfectly designed. More importantly there needs to be a great mode and a way to communicate: Imagine Squad A of SVER forming an alliance with Squad A of Raven to take out Squad A of Valor!

It would be the perfect unique mode.

MTEC83261d ago

I wouldn't pay for it. I already paid 60 bucks for an online only shooter that lasted me about three months.

mugoldeneagle033261d ago

I have no problem with Sony adding the pay for extra slots thing. If you want it, pay the $1. If not, take the minute it takes to change one of the old layouts.

Also, I'd LOVE new modes for MAG. It's the one reason why I don't play it more, is that I just get sick of the same maps. However, there's no way I'd pay $12.99 for just 1 new game mode. A few weeks ago I could've gotten Flow, Flower & TMNT Reshelled for almost the same price.

And lastly, @alpha, that'd be an awesome idea as long as they created a perfect map design & objectives for each faction. I suppose I never even thought of a 3 way battle for supremacy.

DJexs3261d ago

I really do not care what they do now this game just pisses me off to much total unbalanced I have played all 3 factions. The LMGs are super over powered and SVER is the easiest faction to play as simple as that.

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spunnups3261d ago

Paid? No. Give it to us.

spunnups3261d ago

I already paid full price

RememberThe3573261d ago

I already bought the game and I'm not inclined to pay more for it.

ThanatosDMC3261d ago

Yep, which is why a lot of DLCs are BS since they should have been included on the disk. Prime example is Ass Creed 2. When you met that lady, you know there was suppose to be something else there but instead they sold it off as DLC.

-MD-3261d ago

"additional paid character slot"

What's that? I've never played the game someone explain it to me.

ZombieNinjaPanda3261d ago

You can only have one character from a faction, so for example, you choose SVER you're stuck with them unless you completely restart.

With this you're able to choose two factions now and switch whenever you want.

At least that's what it sounds like.

-MD-3261d ago (Edited 3261d ago )

Ahh ok gotcha thanks. I'm amazed I get disagrees for simply asking a question.

Thanks again +helpful bubble for you

ThanatosDMC3261d ago

You're not completely stuck with a PMC at all. At lv60, you could "vet" to another PMC or stay on your old PMC but you'll be back to lv1. But you could also just stay in lv60 and not vet at all. All the experience you gain becomes Respec points.

Colonel-Killzone3261d ago

I stop playing mag a long time ago sorry but its to boring. Nobody play this game how its suppose to be played nobody uses mics which is ashame i hope people get mics so i can play this again.

LordMarius3261d ago (Edited 3261d ago )

It should have been bundled with it like with Socom: Confrontation

Colonel-Killzone3261d ago

You are 100 percent right because people who have mics tend to turn their mics off when other people in their squad don't have one. Its very annoying since this game depends on a lot of communication. Sadly of all the games i played i never played with a squad with even half of them using mics its very sad. I hope in the future they do a special bundle with mics and mag cause this game needs it asap.

RememberThe3573261d ago

I was one of those people playing without a mic until my god brother randomly gave me his Metal Gear Solid head set. The game is completely different when most of your squad has a mic.

MTEC83261d ago

I turn off my mic when I am playing Sabotage, I use it when I am playing with my buddies or if I am the squad leader. They should make the mic a requirement if you are a squad/platoon leader, that would at least encourage the rest of the team to use theirs. Colonel-Killzone, you should join a "mic required" clan, their out there I run in em all the time.

ThanatosDMC3261d ago

They did. The patch 1.05 made you more likely to have a leadership position if you have a mic on.

ravinash3261d ago

I guess the trick is to get people from your friends list to group together and build a team.
I haven't played MAG, but it sounds like a good idea. I hope it takes off.

ravinash3261d ago

They should set it up so that everyone who has a Mic is automatically grouped together.
that way they can work like a team how they wanted and the people who don't have mics can have their ass handed to them.

rbluetank3261d ago (Edited 3261d ago )

i love Mag !!! it is a great game. i have some problems with it. i posted my problems on their forum... the problems are still not fixed. the rec xp for half/full. when you heal someone with a half rec/heal to 50hp or 60hp; you get 10xp. when you fully rec/heal someone to 100hp/120hp you get 10 xp... it should be more balanced. maybe 7 xp for half and 10xp for full.. i spent about 8 more skill points for fully rec " for what!!!" i could of used those skill points else where.... i am a 5 time veteran and the "bonus" 10% is not much of a bonus.... it usaully is around 43xp to 75xp if lucky. WTF the new flash greanades are like solar flare from dragon ballz. lol i wish veterans would be able to aquire dark shades when using these greanades. the shades would protect us from the blinding light from the greanades. i like the new grenades but their has to be balance against their effects. the game needs new modes,new gadgets and "NEW" weapons not upgraded weapons. i would pay $12.99 if Zipper fixs the health rec xp, add weapons, add new maps and new modes..... Mag FTW after these fixs or addition....

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