Rumor: Warhawk already adding vehicles, weapons?

These are all just rumors, so do not get too excited.

- Huge graphical update
- Expanded matches -- 32 vs 32 rather than 32 max players
- Plenty of downloadable content upon launch in addition to bare-bones game
- Six new weapons
- Four new vehicles

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EZCheez5426d ago

I don't want to rain on anyone's parade but these don't seem feasible having played the game. The graphical update happened before the beta (you can see the large difference in the trailers on PSN), most of the maps are not big enough for 64 players, and the weapons scheme doesn't really support new weapons.

I hope I am wrong, because that would make this great game even better, but I won't be getting my hopes up.

Fisher3395426d ago

but i disagree about the maps being too small for 32x32, Ecudia and Island outpost were deifnately big enough for 64 players

EZCheez5426d ago

Island Outpost, no, mainly due to the reason for it's name. Eucadia could probably hold more than 64! That was by far my favorite map in the beta, and probably my favorite overall map for any online game.

Siesser5426d ago

Island Outpost is my favorite level in the game, and I have to agree that at 32 players, it's plenty crowded enough. Sooooo much fun though.

SWORDF1SH5426d ago

i want to beleive it but its sounds to good to be true

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LSDARBY5426d ago

No way will it be 64 players, the maps arent big enough and i dont think it would be possible without serious lag. And i cant see the graphics getting alot better because the beta was unbelivebly good looking.

Vojkan5426d ago

Actually they improved graphics after they closed beta, it has been known for weeks. But whne it comes to other stuff, most likely just rumors

Marceles5426d ago

PS3 online doesn't lag, this isn't BF2..

R0l35426d ago

But I doubt it. Developers said it would be 32 (16x16) player online.

the greatest5426d ago

the maps are big enough
i can wait 2 play this again

btkadams5426d ago

lol none of those sound possible at this point.

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The story is too old to be commented.