New PS3 DiRT Screens

Codemasters have released a new batch of screens for DiRT, showing off the graphics of the PS3 version, slated for release in Europe, Australia, and the US sometime in September. The graphics are definitely looking slightly more polished than what we've seen on the Xbox.

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Vip3r5426d ago

This game is looking good. Shame about it being delayed but if Codemasters as making it better than the 360 and PC versions then I guess it's worth it.

ShiftyLookingCow5426d ago

The graphics as in model detail, textures and shaders is actually not different from PC. But the PC version played at cr!ppy fps, I expect PS3 to have a much more steady framerate. I played 360 demo, it seems the shadows are of higher quality.

dissectionalrr5426d ago

ok this is an honest question, NOT A FLAME. why do ps3 games always look blurry in stills? killzone 2, dirt, motorstorm, they all look like your looking at the screens through cataracts. i know it looks better in motion, but is it something different with the way the system handles antialiasing or something? go look at comparison screens for dirt and killzone shots and you'll see what i mean. it's all blurred together. honest answers here guys, no flames.

nurayi5426d ago

most of it is motion blur. the guys at gaf have been saying killzone 2 uses a vectored motion blur where everything is blured to various degrees depending on where, and how its moving compared to your POV. There is also continuous full time Depth of Field in killzone.

motorstorm uses a good amount of motion blur, and it looks like the same is true for dirt.

so in short, its an effect, or combination of effects. (that many pay a lot to get running well on PC)

dantesparda5423d ago

Nurayi is absolutely correct, its just a "motion blur" effect, many games use it, especially this generation, but alot of it started last generation, with the PS2 & Xbox (more so than with the Dreamcast, or even the Gamecube)

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harpua5426d ago

"The graphics are definitely looking slightly more polished than what we’ve seen on the Xbox."


MrSwede5426d ago

Just what I was thinking! I would take definitely out of that sentence

Vojkan5426d ago

Port that looks better? First one after Oblvion if i am not wrong

timmyp535426d ago

it looks like a track circuit racer... i liked motorstorm for the freedom and the road rash arcade type feeling of the game (like smashing cars off cliffs or punching a guy off his bike/atv in mid-air lol) .... hmm wat do u guyz think

risk5426d ago

well i havent played dirt, but the original colin mcrea rally's were point to point and they were fun.

beardtm5426d ago

Looks the same as the 360 one tbh, slight more aliased tbh

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The story is too old to be commented.