IGN: TrackMania Wii Hands-on

IGN writes: "I'm not a "realism" videogame fan by any stretch of an imagination. Especially when it comes to racing games: a racer that takes itself seriously and tries to simulate every aspect of the vehicle…well, that's not a game for me. Give me Burnout. Give me San Francisco Rush. Give me something that embraces the ridiculousness of it all. I want jumps, loops and spectacular spills. If I want realworld racing I'll hit the go-kart tracks. Which I do, often".

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Cajun Chicken3263d ago

Man, it's looking awesome. Can't wait to add this to my Trackmania collection...that's right...COLLECTION.

Lucky for you peeps you can get all the PC games rolled into one with Trackmania United Forever on Steam now, this guy bought Trackmania, PowerUP! and Sunrise, then finally settled with TMUF on Steam never needed the rest sealed in it's dodgy DRM copy protection and case.