PlayStation 2 De-listed from NPD

It was bound to happen eventually. This month the NPD Group, which tracks sales of videogame hardware and software, officially removed the PlayStation 2 from its charts. After a 10-year run, Sony's system has finally slowed down, apparently eclipsed by its younger, sleeker sibling.

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Cajun Chicken3264d ago

So, what does this mean exactly? Retirement of PS2 at E3?

ClownBelt3264d ago

Possibly. Sony needs to put ALL of their attention to the PS3, and it seems like this is the best time to do it.

Godmars2903264d ago (Edited 3264d ago )

Unofficial retirement before the statement of official retirement?

Which will likely either mean a slim(mer) PS2, or more hopefully, announcement of PS2 emulation for the PS3 slim.

gamingisnotacrime3264d ago

i dont see this happening any time soon, Sony will want to push as much PS2 as they can before closing the factory.
PS2 emulation on PS4 ia a MUST!, just like PS1 on PS3, PS2 might appear on PS4 or late PS3 life.

Kratos Spartan3264d ago

not sure it can get any slimmer. That thing is tiny

Godmars2903264d ago

Who talks about PS1 emulation on the PS3? Nevermind that its always been there.

People would rather b*tch about what Sony removes.

sikbeta3264d ago

This is the 10th year of the Beast2, so this is pretty much the last year, if still selling of course not, but there is no place for another Beast2-Slim-slimmer

9000X is pretty tiny tho

HolyOrangeCows3264d ago

"...a slim(mer) PS2" like, one that will fit in a game case?

It's still selling pretty notably. But since a lot of that isn't in the US, they don't count it.

bjornbear3264d ago

i love the PS1 B/C games =D Syndicate wars and Furute Cop FTMFW!!

BattleAxe3264d ago

Or maybe the PSP2 will have PS2 emulation.

Tsar4ever013264d ago

Sony might officially retire the ps2 and better yet announce full or at least 95% Ps2 "Backward Compatability" via firware update for the ps3 slim at this upcomming E3'10. Man that'll be the SHOW STOPPER along side all the other cool stuff Sony's planning.

SaiyanFury3264d ago

Hah it may have been removed from NPD but I still plan on a second slim PS2 for my main home theatre. My 3rd 60GB PS3 blew it's laser (which I replaced, but only PS3 games work now) about a year ago. Now I use my main 80GB model in my home theatre with no way to play PS2 games. I have a slim PS2 already in my computer room, but it's not nearly as comfortable as sitting on the couch play those games. I'll get a second slim happily. Shyte, it's only a hundred bucks.

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kingjoker343264d ago

what about that psp game thats getting turned into a ps2 game?

sikbeta3264d ago

BOO! PS2 is Beast, no matter how much you Try, PS2 will be there...

Dragun6193264d ago

Sony should announce the retirement of PS2 and just have R&D department try to create a PS2 Emulator using the Cell. Hopefully emulating most PS2 titles or at least the most popular titles.

That or Sony could do more PS2 Collections especially a Shadow of Colossus/ Ico Collection.

captain-obvious3264d ago

the PS2 needs to rest

and when that happens sony should have a lot of PS3 in stock cus believe me
a lot of PS2 owners well make a jump

right when GT5 comes out

vhero3264d ago

Still outsells the 360 in Japan though..

creatchee3263d ago

Kinda sucks - the PS2 still sells a lot and sometimes rivals the current gen during off-months.

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Godmars2903264d ago

Or rather, I would say that, what with the console still apparently selling well, but face facts, there's really nothing new to buy on it.

Though I do wonder when they stopped tracking the PS1.

shadow27973264d ago (Edited 3264d ago )

I suppose it depends what you define as "new". Sony did just announce Logan's Shadow for PS2. I guess it depends if you've played it on PSP if that would interest you.

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Nitrowolf23264d ago

and this year sony will officially disconnecting the PS2.

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