Epic Talks Unreal Mods on PS3

Epic's Lead Producer Jeff Morris told Kotaku that the mods will be created on a PC and then "cooked" to work better on a PS3 using a built-in option. That file can than be slapped onto a Memory Stick and imported into the PS3 version of the game with the console's built-in MS reader.

He said the company is also looking at ways of making the mods downloadable through an in-game browser on the PS3 and perhaps even Home.

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VaeVictus4116d ago

I'm glad they've gotten Epic to help with these development tools. No more delays ftw.

Epic kicks ass.

risk4116d ago

the noobs complaining on that site for cheats and sh!t are retards, they have never even played a custom mod in their life, yet they think its going to cause hackers...srsly they should be shot in the face. with a flak canon.

EZCheez4116d ago

I'm really excited about the option for mods now. Not that it wouldn't be a great game without it, but the mods will be a selling point for me. Customization FTW!

rev204116d ago

With the addition of mods this games longevity could last for years and be great online for the forseeable future

cant wait

Vip3r4116d ago

The mods should really help this game sell even more. Best thing is that they're free. Epic FTW!!!!

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The story is too old to be commented.