Japanese gamers want Oblivion

It seems like there is one game that attracts Japanese gamers for sure in the 360 line up.

That's Oblivion. Games with mythical stories always score good in Japan. It's also a lot seen in their culture. They started a petition to get the game to be translated in Japanese.

I guess it would be a good move from MS to do so to get Japanese gamers into buying 360 hardware

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TheMART5402d ago

Well you can make something out of it that it's about Oblivion right? ;)

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gamerof3605402d ago

they should translate it to japanese maybe they could sell more consoles..=/

DC RID3R5402d ago

what a lot of people have to bear in mind, is that Japan is a very Honourable country , to the EXTREME!!
This may sound wiered, but buying an "MS console" is almost as comparable to f*ckin ur own momma over there!! Not because the Xbox is no good, but because it wasn't made in JAPAN!

But the funny thing is, is that where say 10 years ago, i would totally agree with them(snes,megadrive vs 3D0 cmon guys, that's a no brainer!!), things and technology just aint like that anymore, in the videogame world!!!
When Micheal Jordan and Scotty Pipen was just reaching for 3rd gear at chicago bulls, no-one I repeat NO-ONE thought their reign would or could end. "Who's ever gonna beat these guys?" were what most people screamed!

Where are the Bulls now??

When asked why SONY is better than MICROSOFT, most people respond with,"I think that Japanese technology is better than U.S!"

But how can this be??

You see, if I mention ATI and Nvidia, what first springs to mind?

Japanese companies or American??

Times have changed so much now, that all the next-gen consoles you and I argue over day after day, are or will be running mostly American(or NOT japanese tech then!)technology, especially or most importantly RUNNING the next-gen VISUALS!!!

ATI and NVIDIA,(or whichever order you prefer) RUN SH*T!!!

How long will they last?

Who knows, but I know one thing, NOT FOREVER!

Nothing lasts forever, look at SEGA!(even though it was Sony who snuffd em out!)

My point to this post is, "Don't bite your nose off, to spite your face."

If 10 years ago i were to tell you that one day the EUROPEANS would be invading the NBA you all would of looked at me like "what is this dude on??"

If 10 years ago (mike tyson era) i were to tell you that Iron Mike is gonna get sparked out by an unknown Londoner (danny williams)you all would of looked at me like "what is this dude on??".

The reason things change is, because when someone or something has become dominant, sooner or later they or it will become a little sloppy, not because it was their intention, but because THAT'S LIFE!!

The reason why Sony imo will not be as dominant force as it once were, is because they have been too sloppy in it's quality control!!

I used to really love my PS2!!

No other Football(soccer) game has quite held me as the PES series did on the PS1+PS2!!

But gradually, over the last year or so, iv'e felt myself slowly, falling out of love with a machine that I never thought could happen.
And not because of the games, the games were great on both PS sytems, not because of the controller either, as I do regard the PS pad essential to play PES with!

The reason iv'e fallan out of love with my PS2, is basically, because THE FUC*ER WONT WORK!!!

On your dvd player at home, I'm quite sure that when you insert a DVD, the player quickly loads it up, and then your off!!! EASY PEASY 123!!
Or better still, when you insert ANY kind of disk in your PC, the PC quickly loads it up, and then your off!!! EASY PEASY 123!!

So why, when it comes to the PS's, this procedure, isn't the case??

Is it me??Am I loading the game wrong??Am I looking in the right direction??Did I wake up at the wrong time today??Does God still love me??

All these questions I asked myself continually,over and over again as I tried to get my PES to load. What a load of SH*T!!!!!

After going thruogh 4 PS2's, after the 3rd one, I realised, it wasn't me that was at fault here. It was that 'black brick' sitting right in front of me,laughing to itself "hahah, that fool, don't son know, that I only load a game, when I WANT TO LOAD A GAME!?'


Sony's biggest weaknessis their quality control, it's not where it should be. Compared to Nintendo, Sony is a tramp,Nintendo's a dapper don!!

That's why I wouldn't be surprised to see MS and NINTENDO take the lead next-gen cos the most important thing about a games console isn't about how many teraflops it can handle, or, how many textered polygons it can push per second. What's the use in all these high specs, if when I put the game disk in the machine, it doesn't load?!?!

If the PS3's blue-ray drive operates anything like my Ps's do now, when either I'm trying to load a game, or watch a dvd, then I won't bother! I didn't know that pressing the reset button every 30 secs was game!!!

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