GameDaily: ModNation Racers Review

GameDaily writes: "Bring up kart racers, and the first thing that comes to mind is Mario Kart. Sure, other games exist (Konami Krazy Racers will always be a favorite), but Nintendo cornered the market. Now there's ModNation Racers on PS3, Sony's attempt to capture a piece of the pie using a feature not often seen on consoles, a level editor. Thing is, the game's quite entertaining, so long as you can look past a couple nagging flaws".

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dizzleK3266d ago

yet mario karts flaws, namely endlessly recycled tracks and cheap-ass gameplay went unmentioned in reviews. odd how that works out.

thereapersson3266d ago

Crash Team Racing was awesome on the PSone, and I liked the track variation, design and race mechanics a bit more than Mario Kart's. It's a shame that they had to whore the license out to Universal, but the first one will forever be ingrained in my collection of historic gaming favorites.

Can't wait to get my hands on MNR and see what I can really do with a little creative freedom.

On a slightly unrelated note, I still think they should bring TrackMania to the PS3! They could give the PS3 version Mouse and Keyboard support, so you could utilize all the shortcut keys and other features that the PC version utilizes.

LethalChickens3266d ago

dude that game is also my favorite cart racing game!

Caffo013266d ago

Crash team racing is my favorite kart game too!!

Nicholas Cage3266d ago

i remember i had a blast playing mariokart 64, and this looks 10x better. im more into rpg's and racers though so ill wait. great game though, i give it 9.0 out of 10 imo.(based on what i have seen)

A change in the wind3266d ago

That`s always how it has worked this generation. Critics will find the tiniest, most insignificant flaw and try to bring it down, as long as it`s a PS3 game of course.

iceman063266d ago

That's one of the negative things about this gen for me. EVERYBODY is a critic. The littlest details will actually PREVENT people from buying a game that they were super-hyped for just before reading 1 review! Some reviewers seem to have NO MEMORY of a time when games were just...dare I say it...for FUN! Instead, they nit-pick the minutia and turn it into a game-breaking or score-breaking flaw. I really don't care so much about the scores...but the over-indulgent criticism is ridiculous!
Of course, this is magnified by reading comments and reviews on a site such as this, but STILL it is annoying!

jjohan353266d ago

I don't get it. I've played a lot of games on the Wii and I don't find them to be that great. And the majority of them get boring in less than a week, yet they all get perfect scores. Go figure.

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Myst3266d ago

Pretty good score and decided to shift some funds around so that I can get this game. Of course it will be the day after release sadly, looks fun and hopefully will keep me quite entertained.

tiamat53266d ago

You know how it works. It's a PS3 game so all flaws no matter how minor must be pointed out. Mario Kart and Mario games are perfect no matter what.They probably just open the envolope of cash Nintendo sends with their copy of a Mario game and then give the score. I mean seriously, the last Mario game on the DS was one of the suckiest Mario games ever (especially with the almost useless mushrooms that made you gigantic and mini Mario) but it still got a perfect score.

Aphe3266d ago (Edited 3266d ago )

No Mario on the ds was a great game actually. Just because you're upset over a score doesn't mean you should bring other games into it. I'm sick of all this crying over scores - it got an 8, that's actually a great verdict.

BulletToothtony3266d ago

give a ps3 exclusive anything above an 8.. fuck you gamedaily.. i'm fucking tired of you and your biased bullshit..

hope u and your guy who gave mgs4 a low score can get fuck with a dildo for all eternity.. FCK U!!

Bathyj3266d ago

Are we allowed to swear now in N4G's?

Just want to know so I can tell some people off. ;)

sak5003266d ago

bullet you better go back to original site and in open zone. Why i thought the level of comment would be improved in the new site here we have the same ps3fangirls crying in every article. Comeon admins ban this drama queen from the site.

Bathyj3266d ago

I'd like to get this, but I really need Battle mode. Cant they add that please, imagine all the battle arenas you could build yourself (including the MK64 ones).

Racing was always secondary for me in MK.

Aphe3266d ago

Yeah the battles were where it's at.

Bits-N-Kibbles3266d ago

I don't know how well some of the balanced weapons would work in a battle mode. But it would be awesome. I hope they add more weapons, I mean who doesn't love more weapons?


I smell that like a DLC, the battle mode.

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