Analysis: Who Won E3? Sony, MS or Nintendo?

The press was excited by Sony's presentation, and all credit must go to that company for turning around last year's dismal performance and 'putting on the best show'.

Microsoft's effort failed to ignite this year even with the undoubted presentation skills of Peter Moore, and the spectacle of him rockin' out on stage.

Nintendo, least of all, has nothing to prove. Last year it used E3 to really make a difference and to change so many perceptions and prejudices. It was an incredible moment that may never be repeated.

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Babylonian5429d ago

Sony had the best show, it was nice reading it the first few times but this is getting old. Everybody knows it already, there is no need for this anymore.

Syko5429d ago

When's Atari's conference? Is it over? What's going on? Who won? I am confused....

rubarb235429d ago

Can you tell me what sony's exclusive titles are for this holiday season vs Microsoft's titles? everyone is hyped about what's coming to sony next year, how about this year? just curious.

Wolfgang1875429d ago

how about Lair, Heavenly Sword, Warhawk, UT3, Ratchet and Clank, Haze...

timmyp535429d ago

uncharted drakes fortune and Socom Confrontation

GrooveChampion5429d ago

Wipeout HD, GT5 Prologue, Eye of Judgement, Folklore, Hot Shots Golf 5, Time Crisis 4.

Wow, that's a lot of games. I've rarely seen them compiled at once.
Hopefully Echo Chrome and PixelJunk Racers both get released sometime this year.

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TruthHurts5429d ago

everyword the main "xbots" said got turn to sh!t.
if anybody won this e3, it`s us the SONY fans on the internet.

BY THE WAY.........
WHERE IS THE KILLZONE 2 vs. HALO3 video comparison?
cause if HALO3 looked decent, there would already be one.

Ps3 for the WIN, Killzone for the Kill.

Mr VideoGames5429d ago

they Won E3 BIG FREAKIN DEAL KILLZONE 2 SUCKED us 360 Boyz have seen better there is no Comparison between the 2 cause Halo 3 is so far out of Killzone's league you shouldn't even be comparing it, KILLZONE 2 iS CRAP!

R0l35429d ago

You are a joke. You do know that?

rubarb235429d ago

what makes you think you can compare the killzone series to the halo series? um lets see killzone one -> garbage all around both in reviews and money made. lets see now, halo 1 & 2 -> $$$$$$$ even you sony fanboys have to admit that halo sells games and systems.
3e 2005 you get one fake ass trailer and your jumping for joy. now i'll admit that the killzone 2 trailer was amazing and it makes wanna get a ps3, but my point is killzone has yet to prove that it's actually a good game. that's why killzone isn't in halo's league. if killzone 2 delivers then talk to us.

timmyp535429d ago (Edited 5429d ago )

can we get someone to ban this guy SERIOUSLY ... we already know if he is in a ps3/multi article he is gonna flame/spam ... whats the use..
BAN= Agree
Dont Ban= Disagree

R0l35429d ago (Edited 5429d ago )

And just hold on for a minute and stop crying. Since when did I say that they are both comparable? I'm telling VideoGames4Life that he/she is a joke, because he thinks that the Xbox 360 has better games than the PlayStation 3 ever will. And this is in just about every post he makes. And he's even saying that unreleased games (that have yet to prove their potential) will, by his standards suck.

And for your information; Killzone 2 has in fact got the potential on it's side. Killzone: Liberation was a great handheld game for the PSP and Gurrilla Games have blantantly achknowledged the fact that Killzone 1 was a medicore title. They now have £20 million to ultilize onto this new project and have feedback support from the previous games from both the press and fans of the series. In fact ShellShock: Nam was a great game come to think of it.

Do you really think this will not be able to compare against Halo 3 in the future, just because one of their titles was put under the "OMG Sony has an exclusive shooter for the PS2, lets hype it! pressure"? The company has proved that they can developer handheld games. It's just the budget of the first game that cut it short.

rubarb235429d ago

if i jumped the gun on your post. but videogames4life didn't say the 360 has better games than the ps3. what he/she was saying was that killzone 2 sucks. look man i agree with you 100% that killzone 2 has potential on being a great game but right now that's all it is 'potential' man. what i'm saying is why do people compare killzone to halo? killzone 1st has to release a bad ass game that delivers in the way halo 1 and 2 delivers. then you can compare, i'm not saying you, but everyone can compare once killzone 2 is out.

R0l35429d ago

Glad you took that well and didn't reply like a 12 year old like what the majoirty of users here usually resort to. So I thank you.

I've checked videogames4life's posts and it's safe to say that he posts alot of bias opinions. I mean, come on the Halo avatar is an obvious indication.

Yeah, Killzone 2 does have great potential and I hope it does great. I guess it's an exclusive FPS title for Sony, like Halo 3 is an exclusive FPS to Microsoft. They're almost like ying and yang towards gamers.

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hazeblaze5429d ago

Yea, there has been little dispute that Sony 'won' this year's E3. There were very little surprises from either camp, but Sony definitely had the biggest ones.

And there were some good game's in Microsoft's exclusive lineup but I think that Sony is doing a better job in this area as well.

I given out bubbles, return the favor please.

Funky Town_TX5429d ago

This is all that matters. Games sales and console sales are what matter right? Kiilzone, Halo3, Bioshock, and GTA4. It can't get better can it.

the greatest5429d ago

this again stop post the same $h!tt

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