Gaming's 10 Biggest Scandals of All-time

GamePolitics counted down its list of Gaming's 10 Biggest Scandals of All-time. Here's a sample:
"Xbox 360 Red Rings of Death (2007) - Microsoft hid the extent of the 360's hardware failures for far too long; even now they won't say what caused the failures or how widespread the problem is, but it must be a lot because MS has set aside a billion dollars to deal with it."

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Bill Gates5430d ago

Xbox 3Fixme "Red Ring of Death" is not a "Scandal".



ALI G5430d ago (Edited 5430d ago )

another fact : Ken Kutaragi got sacked - sloooooooooowly

MK_Red5430d ago

IMO, Its really stupid that they didnt put Mortal Kombat in there. I mean how can they deny the maddness surrounding MK1 and MK2's release, both in US and Europe.

jromao5430d ago (Edited 5430d ago )

Never !!!, they are just "honest" as usual about x360 (same politics they use where they put their feets).

The only way to fix the problem is shipping one PS3 to everyone who bought the 360.

ALI G5430d ago (Edited 5430d ago )

if sony stop backing PS3 and start only manufacturing xbox360.

Scrooge5430d ago

Dude, we know the 360 has problems. MS is fixing it for free, no harm no foul. Do we have to keep hearing this crap over and over? Let's move on! This site turned into a console war bashing fanboy site so fast, I don't think I can visit here anymore. It seems like nobody is neutral and has to bash one console or the other.

Captain Tuttle5430d ago (Edited 5430d ago )

I've been coming here for AT LEAST a year and it's always been like that. Were you around before the bubble system was implemented? Holy Crap! Talk about chaos. It was funny as hell too but got way out of hand. It's much better now. I remember stories with 900 or so comments.

Bnet3435430d ago

They put the Xbox 360 RRoD problem, but they don't put the PS2 Disc Read Errors back when PS2 was launching? That was just as bad and people had to rebuy PS2's, they never got a 3 year warranty. How amusing.

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