DiRT PS3 version ready to Support Rumble

John Yan At E3 :

With rumble coming to the PlayStation 3, I asked if the DiRT supported that feature. I was told the option was in there so that when Sony does release a controller with rumble support DiRT will take advantage of it. No Sixaxis support for the game though and I can see why it was left out as you need such quick and precise control over the car I don't think the Sixaxis would be able to do the game any justice.

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TriggerHappy4112d ago (Edited 4112d ago )

Just another confirmation that shows that rumble is definitely coming to the PS3. I think the delay of the game was done on purpose since Sony and Codemasters were co working on the Engine. They probably told them something no one else knew and had them delay the game so it would launch along side with their rumble.

Gamers are always quick to criticize companies on their plans and what they are doing.One thing that we need to realize is that, "they" got to where they are for a reason ya know.

Good move Sony. Cant wait to pick this title up

Violater4112d ago

This only makes chances that rumble is being coded into Sony's upcoming PS3 exclusive titles even more possible.
I really hope it is coded into lair and that they release a Motorstorm patch for it.

Why o why4112d ago

in the list of delayed games come good. It has truly benefited from being delayed. Maybe the inclusion of rumble was one of the main reasons, who knows?

Crazyglues4112d ago

I mean I keep hearing it's better then the xbox 360 version, so I really want to check this one out and see if it's true...

I always knew rumble is coming, but the question is when.

would be really interesting.

timmyp534112d ago

basiclly confirmed it was coming but yea.. maybe fall it releases
sixaxis 2 hear i come =)

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