Sony to cut price of 80GB PS3 to $499, says Pachter

Industry analyst Michael Pachter expects the 80GB PlayStation 3 to drop in price to USD 499 once all stock of the 60GB model has sold out.

The 80GB model currently retails in North America for USD 599 with a copy of Evolution Studio's Motorstorm, but Pachter believes the newly introduced unit will drop in price for the standalone console.

"In our view, the Sony entry level price of USD 499 is here to stay," he said.

"We believe that there are presently 2 – 3 million 60GB PS3's produced and not yet sold, and expect the entire supply to be diverted to the US to honour the new lower price point.

"Once these units are sold through, we expect the company to lower the price of its 80GB model to USD 499 on a standalone basis."

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Amplifier4140d ago

I would love for this to become true but this guy's track record for "predications" is terribly bad.

God only knows Sony needs to keep their public image in better shape then it has been.

Something tells me that this price is going to stay for at least middle of next year.

Well heres to hoping for the best...


pwnsause4140d ago

he got a few predictions right this E3, so I believe his predictions, it would make sense to drop the price of the 80gb version next year, since were a bit close to the holidays, no one minds dropping 600 dollars for a system that is also packed with a game.

TriggerHappy4140d ago (Edited 4140d ago )

All these industry prediction guys just stfu and see what Sony is exactly going to do ? Maybe they will learn something from them.

Patcher says, Patcher say.. Patcher is NOT GOD.. Patcher is just guessing.

WilliamRLBaker4139d ago

People do mind paying 600 dollars for a console that has a game packed in, which is why once the 80 gig is released and the price remains the same, sales will drop just like they did for the 60 giger....

and analysts are about 80% wrong most of the time why does any one use them any more in the first place?
I doubt the 80 gig will get a price drop, unless sony is making an 100 gig version and lower the price till they phase the 80 gig version out...

Omegasyde4139d ago

I think this guy is wrong and overpaid.

Another variation of the system(lesser model) will come out, before the 80 gig drops price.

2 price cuts within 6 months? No way.

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The Swordsman4140d ago

and quite possible, for if Sony does not cut the price anytime soon, they've killed any chances of having a merry little Christmas. Now, while Sony have made mistakes in the past, I don't think that they're foolish enough to not cut the price.

Odion4140d ago

ya he also said that the 360 would have a price cut, and boy was he right in that one

Wolfgang1874140d ago

I sure most logical people already knew they'd do this, but it sure doesn't make any sense to come out and say it while they're still 60 gig PS3s sitting on shelves. No one cuts prices, then sort of raises them. Of course there will always be a $500 PS3 after the 60 gigs are gone!

synce4140d ago (Edited 4140d ago )

Yeah, I mean it's not like Sony ever got rid of a previous $500 SKU and sold only the $600 one *cough*

GoLeafsGo4140d ago

Even if this is true, don't expect Sony to come out and confirm this.

Why? Simply because then everyone will wait for some other 1.3million people to buy the 60GB for $499 so that THEY can get an 80GB PS3 for the same price.

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The story is too old to be commented.