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The PSP has seen a variety of PS2 games ports before, but there has never been a port of this level and caliber. Atlus is taking their best-selling and most popular Persona title of all time shrinking it down for the PSP and making changes to the game's mechanics, but still manage retain all that you loved with Persona 3. Set for a release this July, it's time to go back to high school, load the handgun, place it on your head, pull the trigger, and take-in the thrill of Persona 3 on the go with Persona 3 Portable.

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MattyF3264d ago

Persona 3 Portable will be the best PSP RPG ever released.

Leupac3264d ago

It really will be from the look of it. The game looks incredible and all of the changes really make it something easier to play and worth picking up. I can't wait!

MightyMark4273264d ago

I agreee, Persona 3 will be the best PSP rpg! ^^