PSFocus: After Burner Climax Review

PSFocus writes: "We all now live in an age where 3D HD and soon even a normal phenomenon. This is all very nice and fun, but deep inside we all miss those days when a console like the PlayStation and was only just out of gamers were allocated on arcade games in some arcade hall. You can bring back moments more or less, for the PlayStation Network now offers you a typical arcade game to: Afterburner climax. An arcade cabinet can give us, but the game is not doing a lot of nostalgic feelings controversy."

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darthv724592d ago

i really enjoy this game. no frills, no having to have a pilots license to fly. just a fast paced balls to the wall arcade shooter. I especially like the ability to swap out the new music with that of the original after burner.

I would love to see the same type of arcade remakes for thunder blade and galaxy force.

I like it, thats matters most to me.