Fallout: New Vegas Boxart Revealed

Its seal of approval still fresh, the final Fallout: New Vegas box art has now made its way here to be officially inducted into the Bethblog gallery.

The lone New California Republic Ranger stands tall above the foreboding New Vegas skyline, daring you to enter his domain and play his video game for 300 hours. We can’t wait to meet him — hopefully while armed with some kind of grenade launcher. A golf club at the very least.

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Brewski0073262d ago

Schweeet!! Looking good ! :) Be picking up my copy day 1 !

SynGamer3262d ago

Ditto, except mine will be the Collector's Edition :D

Derekvinyard133261d ago

this dosent look that good. fallout 3 boxart was better

SixTwoTwo3262d ago

Yep. RPG of the year right here.

AliTheBrit193261d ago

This or Fable 3

Actually, is there any other major western RPG's out this year?

AliTheBrit193261d ago

Lol oh sh*t that slipped my mind, I was just thinking ahead.

MexicanAppleThief3262d ago

Kinda meh-ish. Game will be tight tho.

SynGamer3261d ago (Edited 3261d ago )

I wouldn't go that far, especially considering how dated the game looks. But man I can't wait to play this thing. Fallout 3 was off my radar at first and it quickly became one of my all-time favorite games...

EDIT: added the source and included the game tags.

GodsHand3261d ago

Same here, a friend of mine got me a copy from circuit city as they were going out of bussiness. I could not belive I was going to pass this game up. As it turns out, this game is the game that eats up most of my time on the PS3. I already beat it like 8 times, just trying to get every possible thing out of it. I am on my 9th play, doing a collect everyhting (junk,weapons,armor) in the world I possible can, and trying not to get perks that are of no use. I have all my specials skill at 10, and reg. skill at 100, with left over books, and not taking a single perk that grants skill points, other then cyborg, and silent running. I love that paralying palm perk, with unarmed perk level 3, I just go around using the chinese stealth suit, killing most enemies with one hit. It's ridiculous.

I am sure this game will be no differnt in monopolizing my time.

Tony P3261d ago

The game looks like FO3. Fine with me.

If they didn't have to concentrate on upping the visuals (which I personally couldn't give a damn about) it's better they concentrated on refining the story events and gameplay changes.

JsonHenry3261d ago

The game only looks outdated to us PC gamers. To the rest of these guys it looks on par/better than a lot of stuff. Which is a good thing because this game is gonna be great no matter the platform of choice.

mrv3213261d ago

Reminds me of the original game.

-MD-3261d ago

Simple but effective.

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The story is too old to be commented.