Piracy is good? Rockstar cracks Max Payne 2 for Steam

It looks like the nice folks at Rockstar have found a great way for piracy to be useful: by using a no-CD crack from dismantled "pirating outfit" Myth to make Max Payne 2 function on Valve's digital distribution platform, Steam.

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squallsoft3269d ago

This article is the very definition of "Ironic"

Ackis3269d ago

They've since removed it, and replaced it with a legit (albeit earlier) version of the game.

Cajun Chicken3269d ago

I use No-CD cracks all the time. Most the time the full game is on your harddisc once installing, it's a lot easier. This way you can also play games off of portable drives too.

And yes. My games are legal, I just get annoyed governed I need to put the disc in, even though I don't.

duplissi3269d ago

yeah i know what you mean, i dont want some company holding my hand while i use what i rightly paid for... im gonna use it however and whenever i feel like, and the publisher/dev can go f*ck themselves for all i care if thats how they wanna be.

MGRogue20173269d ago (Edited 3269d ago )

"It works, right?

Well then.. What's the problem? :) "

That's how Rockstar Games sees it. :D

thehitman3269d ago

Are very useful when you actually bought the game and either lost the disc or it got damaged and you needed the disc to play. I use to crack blizzards games because that happened to me SC for example.