Tenchu Senran images and trailer

Official page of forthcoming Tenchu Xbox360 game opened today, and well... here are some of the better screenshots from the site. As with most Tenchu games this one is being developed by K2 and published by From Software. Release date for Japan is October 5th.

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specialguest5401d ago

no indication of a PS3 version?! damn that sucks because i like this game series a lot.

TheMART5401d ago

More and more games will be 360 only. Time to switch brands I guess

Anerythristic265401d ago

This game is seriously not coming out for the PS3?

Sphinx5401d ago

... if it doesn't come out on the PS3... considering the game is about Japanese people!

xXbebofisherXx5401d ago

itll come out on the PS3 becuase with every tenchu game so far it has come out for both xbox and playstation. whether one first then the other. well just have to find out. hope its a good one. tenchu has let me down once with a game that was decent but wasnt tenchu like the original. hope this one will be flippin awesome.

THAMMER15400d ago (Edited 5400d ago )

But I wont buy this crap. I like ninja gadin better. And the tenchu games have always been dull. It seems that this would be better suited for the PS3.

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