Boot Daily: Bigfoot Killer 2100 Review

Boot Daily: It appears that Bigfoot has indeed delivered a product that’s worthy of the “Killer” moniker as the gaming performance is off-the-charts good and its overall throughput is as good or even slightly better at times with current on-board LAN controllers.

What impresses me most, however, about this release is more than the product in and of itself – I’m totally impressed by Bigfoot’s total commitment to the gaming community and to putting out a truly world-beating network card that helps address an age-old problem of online gaming. The fact that they can now do that and deliver great file transfer rates is a nice bonus.

At an MSRP of $129 dollars, this is an upgrade that – to me – is a total no-brainer. The “tactical feel” while playing on the 2100 is something that’s hard to put into a benchmark. Its overall smoothness of gameplay is truly something you must experience to fully appreciate.

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