Bungie: New IP can be bigger than Halo

Bungie has claimed that its as-yet-unnanounced new IP can be a bigger franchise than FPS king Halo.

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Javert3990d ago (Edited 3990d ago )

I doubt it, it may be a better game but what games make the jump from being just another game to becoming a cultural phenomenon is far more dependent on good advertising, luck, and the current condition of the market, than it is on game quality (not saying some level of quality isn't required especially if you want to make a franchise out of it).

Take Halo, for instance, it became what it is today mostly because Microsoft ended up using it as the icon for the Xbox, if it had been on the PS2 it would have been considered a good game, and would have sold well, but it wouldn't have become the face of the system and thus wouldn't of had the same level of advertising put into it.

hamoor3990d ago (Edited 3990d ago )

thank you bungie,kill the hype for halo reach
its like they say"halo reach will be ok but we have another game that will kick halo reach @ss!!! " WTF ARE YOU DOING BUNGIE???

Bobbykotickrulesz3989d ago

Looks to me like they're talking about the other game they're developing.

Do you actually think Reach needs any extra hype? lol. That game is going to sell, regardless of it being a good game or not. MW2 anyone?

Trey_4_life3989d ago

Now bobby kotick is trying to get the younger audience in anyway he can firstly by using bungie to make a game and if that don't succeed then he will always have to resort to......


Jamie Foxx3989d ago (Edited 3989d ago )

the hype for bungies new 'multiplat' game will be immense probably bigger than reach's hype just because this is a developer that single handedly saved the xbox platform and produced an iconic mascot,activisons marketing will be about the 'bungie' name maybe even more than the game,also i believe bungie have a point to prove to microsoft by producing a quality game and making them realise they should have given bungie the freedom that they wanted instead of losing the exclusivity of a gem of a developer

losing bungie is as huge as if sony lost poly and naughty dog in one fail swoop

hay3989d ago

MS had to build it's gaming identity to exist in the market. Halo and Gears came fitting in that role.
If Bungie stops making exclusives for Xbox(and Halo: Reach appears to be last game in the franchise as they said), it'll become quite generic console with no gaming identity driving on multiplats.

MS needs to put up the fight with some exclusives cause as for now it doesn't look good.
Can't wait the E3.

tplarkin73989d ago

Halo was a phenomenon becuase it was innovative and cool. The Xbox was a generation ahead of PS2.

Microsoft can't make 10 million people buy a game. You make it sound like people worship Xbox.

Xbox owners didn't worship anything, because the Xbox was new. You can't have fanboys of nothing. The only fanboys that existed were Nintendo, Sony, or Sega fanboys.

vhero3989d ago (Edited 3989d ago )

Halo 1 was a great game however the franchise is so big as its MS major exclusive its like Mario to Nintendo and Sonic to SEGA it sells millions because of what it is not because of how great it is anymore. Anything with a Halo/Mario/Sonic name on it will sell millions because they are now established names with associated companys. Sony unfortunately doesn't have this person (god of war isn't Sonys as in UK its not a big hitter these titles I listed are big hitters worldwide). Sony DID have Crash years ago but then Insomniac sold the rights to Crash. Basically what I'm saying When you think playstation you don't think of 1 game character/series. When you think Nintendo you think Mario when you think Xbox you think Halo when you think SEGA you think Sonic.

DigitalRaptor3989d ago (Edited 3989d ago )

I wholeheartedly agree and it's strange.

Nintendo - Mario/Zelda instantly comes to mind.

Sega - Sonic comes to mind

Xbox - Halo/Gears comes to mind.

Playstation - yeah sure you could name a single great franchise, but not one is immensely more powerful than another. They're all massively important the the PS brand: Gran Turismo, God of War, Metal Gear Solid, Ratchet & Clank, Crash Bandicoot (back for the original PS), LittleBigPlanet, Buzz!, Singstar, Killzone, Uncharted

Without Halo, Microsoft would have had a difficult time.

Without Mario, so would Nintendo

Without Sonic, I don't think Sega would be anywhere.

But if Sony lost just a single franchise, such as Killzone they would be alright because they have a huge portfolio to back them up.

IdleLeeSiuLung3989d ago

Hard to believe one of the most iconic games in recent time is from advertising, luck and current condition of the market alone. The eco-system has to largely be there and I think MS had the online play for console eco-system ready. Halo probably would not be as successful on the PS2.

With that said, I don't think I have ever heard of a company that says our next IP will be SMALLER than the previous one especially when it is multi-platform with twice the user base!

creatchee3989d ago

I'm not a huge Halo fan (although I do like it), but I am a huge Bungie fan, in that they are always pushing to innovate and create awesome experiences for their fans and a sense of community for their products.

I hope that they can eclipse Halo for the good of gamers everywhere.

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Tiberium3990d ago

It's possible, but I think they might have gotten lucky with the original halo. It's going to be hard to duplicate halo's success with another IP. I doubt they expected halo to have the following it has today.

sak5003990d ago

Yep agreed. They just happen to release an FPS on the console at the time when there were hardly any. That's it nothing special and till date same code being used and same graphics. Buying ODST was the last mistake on my part will not spend a dime on their products.

DigitalRaptor3989d ago

as far as I know it's sub-HD

evilmonkey5013990d ago

I wonder if their next game will be for little kids too, like halo.

Forbidden_Darkness3989d ago

Come on now, power rangers are for adults too!


if that's true I suppose LBP must also be for kids right ? well it is... but that does not stop adults enjoying it does it...

DaRazorback3990d ago

I say without question it can and possibly happen. Why? Because now it will be available to twice the audience as Halo.

sid4gamerfreak3989d ago

so all of a sudden halo reach aint important anymore?

BeaArthur3989d ago

I wouldn't say that, but now that a lot of people have had a chance to try Reach we kind of know what to expect. I think people are just curious to see what the next IP is.

SixZeroFour3989d ago

i agree with sid...its like they are trying to hype down reach which isnt a smart thing to do

there are plenty who have been turned off of halo recently and reach would have been the game to bring them back to the series, but coming out and saying something like this, whos to say those same ppl wouldnt just sit and wait for the next new ip if its going to be better anyways

its not a bad thing for them to say it, but it IS bad timing...if they say this kinda thing AFTER reach release, it would be just saying, they are most likely not doing reach a favor by coming out and saying these kinda things

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