Joystiq impressions: Metroid Prime 3 is going to be the best Metroid Prime game yet

Nintendo fans, rejoice. Metroid Prime 3 is going to be the best Metroid Prime game yet. It's been burdened with the enormous task of fulfilling Nintendo's promise of providing unsurpassed FPS controls through the Wii Remote and Nunchuck. Surprisingly, Metroid Prime 3 has more than delivered in this near-final E3 build.

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SuperSaiyan45430d ago

If you have seen the video comparison of the 2 games they both look identical.

Oh wait its just a revamped cube so how silly of me to compare visuals DUH! LOL

Daxx5430d ago

Be nice.

Remember at the end of the day all that matters is gameplay, not graphics.

The Wii's hardcore gamers are probably dieing to get their hands on this title.

ALI G5430d ago (Edited 5430d ago )

becuse i cannot wait to play this game beside the huge number of X360 AAA titles coming

Razzy5430d ago

It'll probably be the best Wii game period.

PS360WII5430d ago

Wow the first comment. Why is it about 90% of this website hates Nintendo? It's a gaming platform just like the others and it's not releasing the same games. You should be happy that there are at least 2 different games rather than 1 game that is the same for all 3 systems.

Sorry back on topic. Glad that controlls sound like all the hype was well talked about. 1:1 controls and PC like ability for the FPS is here for the Wii.

VirusE5430d ago

In my opinion a large portion of the populace on this web site are kids under 16. They need to be "hip and cool" so they need blood, violence and anything that will make them look tuff to their male friends. The wii is the anti thesis of this so they must polarize against it. Its not about games to these kinds of people (fangirls) its about being cool. The wii is the embodiment of function over form and to the youth today it’s all about image and ego. I have gotten to play dozens of aaa titles this year while the fanboy gets to play 1 or 2 which makes them bitter. I hate to say this but Sony fans seem to be guiltier of this behavior than any of the other fanboy clicks. I am getting so tired of the sony fans on this site it makes me want to sell my ps3, its not going to happen cause I would miss some awesome games but I hate to be associated with such trash.

ItsDubC5429d ago

I have felt the same way about this site since I became a regular. Ppl will inevitably have a console that they prefer over the others, but it takes a certain lack of maturity to go out of your way to say negative things about a particular console simply for the sake of doing so.

The PS3 does not appeal to me at the moment but that does not compel me to troll the site. I may state my reasons why the PS3 is not for me as a comment to a news story that relates to the subject, but to blindly make negative comments about the PS3 in a story about KZ2 for example is immature and quite frankly, brings no value to the N4G community.

I know teens more than any other demographic feel the need to be cool in the eyes of their peers because I've been there. Back when I was a teenager, you just weren't cool if you didn't play GoldenEye 007 or sports games. Final Fantasy was strictly for nerds back then.

A few days ago, someone made a comment about how lame Metroid Prime 3 was because blood didn't splatter all over the place when you killed an NPC. I thought, "Well, you shoot things w/ a fictional futuristic energy blast, so it actually makes sense that aliens would vaporize instead of spilling guts everywhere." A typical teen male looking for adult themes to make him feel cool may throw logic completely out the window and make a shallow statement such as, "No blood? Weak." That was my thought process as well as the reasoning behind my reply to that person's comment, which was simply, "Kids these days..."

VirusE5429d ago

Dub you bring up a good point that i had never thought about in regards to the blood in MP3. An energy blast would coterize the wound so no blood would spurt.

ChickeyCantor5429d ago (Edited 5429d ago )

Sometimes i sound like a radical Nintendo fanboy because i'm defending it.
But its because its what you are saying PS360wii: " Why is it about 90% of this website hates Nintendo?"

Almost all people here are bashing the Wii and on top of that screaming that Nintendo will destroy the gaming industry.

the PS3 does not appeal to me at the moment either, but i don't hate it either and there is no reason to defend it because there are enough radical fanboys who are doing it anyway. Its about the software anyway.

And i remember that comment about blood...even if you want to discuss it with them, its no use, they just wont get it anyway.

" I am getting so tired of the Sony fans on this site it makes me want to sell my ps3, its not going to happen cause I would miss some awesome games but I hate to be associated with such trash."

its exactly what i think when people just ruin it for you, but then again you shouldn't sell it and you ain't, thats good because you already saying will miss allot.

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MK_Red5430d ago

Since I'm not a big Zelda fan, for me, this game could be the best Wii game and the reason I'm buying the console.

TrillHeat9545429d ago (Edited 5429d ago )

When wii 2 releases : (the top games) Metroid Galaxy( 1,2,3 combined with cameo Mario appearances), Super Mario Sunshine Paper Party,and Cooking Papa (because males cook too). Lol come on Nintendo is ridiculous, no doubt the Wii is a great concept and its selling like crazy and the controller could provide something very immersive but unfortunately rehashes and fitness games wont cut it in the long run.

ALI G5429d ago (Edited 5429d ago )

EDIT:@7:sorry dud i misunderstood you,SO i take what i said back

Leon Kennedy5429d ago

Didn't you forget about The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of the Wind Princess?

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