Gamestop deal - 25-50% off select games has a very sweet daily deal going on where they are offering 25-50% off select video game titles. The deal expires tonight at midnight, so if you see a game on the list then don’t hesitate on pulling the trigger!

Some notable titles include:

* Dante’s Inferno $34.99
* Uncharted 2: Among Thieves $39.99
* Bioshock 2 $24.99
* Mass Effect 2 $39.99

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eggbert3268d ago

you can get bettr deals on amazon.

Wolverick3268d ago

But this deal is expired anyway.

BiggCMan3268d ago

OMG, nice to post an expired f_cking deal!!! i was just about to pick up on this man, how did this crap get approved, does anyone bother to read the damn articles anymore??

AbeArceo3267d ago

Hey guys - please don't think we post expired deals. The deal actually lasted for about 2-3 hours after it was posted, but it appears limited the deal to the first xxxx customers or the expiration time, whichever came first.

So the deal was definitely active, as I had success in picking up Bioshock 2, and I know other were successful in picking up games as well.