Rumour: Dante's Inferno 2 In The Works

Some job listings which emerged today are indicating that a Dante's Inferno sequel is currently in the works at Visceral Games.

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dardinkay3268d ago

The only competition that God of War III has. Will be interesting to see what they come up with. If the Rumour is true of course.

mjolliffe3268d ago

Well it says that the game - Dante's Inferno 2 or not - will "set new quality standards and make the franchise the world-leader in the action/melee-combat genre"

So I'm very excited to see what it is :) I'm still guessing that it's a sequel though...

raztad3268d ago

I hope they come up with some original ideas, just cloning GoW3 wont be enough to set new standards.

voice_of_ reason3268d ago

Look for heavy GOWIII influence and new standards not to be set. That's my prediction anyway!

Dr-ZOOM3268d ago

What's bad in cloning a Triple A exclusive eh? :D

EvilBlackCat3268d ago (Edited 3268d ago )

NINJA GAIDEN SMASH GOD OF WAR OH AND PLEASE DONT COME WITH THE "you dont own a ps3/God of War" "You are an xbot" excuses

I own both systems and played all God of War Games

R2D23268d ago

who does not like the Ninja Gaiden games except for the NES one. Maybe the fact that no skills are needed and you can just hack and slash your way to the end is what makes it boring to me.

Plus the story is not that great.

darthv723268d ago

Considering they are roughly using the divine comedy then there are more chapters/stories to be told. Such as purgatory and paradise.

I have yet to pick up the first and all comparisons to GoW should be made towards pretty much ALL hack/slash type action games if you really wanted to get technical.

The demo was entertaining and from the vidocs i have seen, the later levels look even more interesting. I would expect a sequel to be in the works.

Logiistics3268d ago

First wasn't too bad. May be good.

SpaceSquirrel3268d ago

I liked the first game despite its flaws. I think the sequel will be even better.

NYC_Gamer3268d ago

hope people realise its enough room in the market for hack&slash titles beside gow..

kevco333268d ago

Wasn't AMAZED by the first title, but I think it was interesting enough to warrant a sequel...

Brewski0073268d ago

I just completed the first one last night, I got in on a rental. I gotta say the more I played it the more I liked it, but for me the ending *SLIGHT SPOILER* was perfect except for the "To be continued" bit at the end. They didnt need to put that in there with how it ended in my opinion and putting it there only makes sense that they're making a sequel.

However, I would see this better as a stand alone title rather than a trilogy as I think thats what they're planning. I can't imagine the next one to have as much in-depth a story as this one, unless its a prequel or something, but the "To be continued" thing makes me think not. I dont know which direction they could take it.

I really enjoyed the game and if a second comes out i'll probably rent it also but its not the kind of game I buy as I just dont dig the replay values of these games.

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The story is too old to be commented.