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IMChampion3266d ago

I think so too, it really looks bad.

blodulv3266d ago

Agreed. They were showing off the "cool" kicking mechanic. Looks rather lame.

StanLee3266d ago

I looks like a next gen attempt at Serious Sam meets Borderlands.

Blaze9293266d ago

wow this game looks awful. Not even the SLIGHTEST bit interesting.

Sevir043266d ago

I gotta say, the engine looks improved but that unreal 3 is just really showing it's rust. we'll see though.

ibma143265d ago

Another Shoot Em Up Game

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Nineball21123266d ago

Strange, it looks hella fun to me! I'll be keeping my eye on this one.

Raf1k13266d ago

Yeah it could turn out to be a really fun game. It's obviously got a sense of Borderlands about it but that's not a bad thing.

I think too many people like to jump to conclusions just like they did with Red Dead Redemption and now everyone wants it day 1.

Nineball21123266d ago

Yeah, that's it. It DOES have that borderland's feel to it. And I loved Borderlands...

Good catch...

Hellsvacancy3266d ago

I thought it looked like fun aswel, not sure if its a buy yet, need 2 c sum more

Inside_out3266d ago

For all the " SERIOUS " Sam guys out there...great rag doll physics and weapons...hated the music...wait to see some real time gamepaly away from the explosions every second trailer....Does it have multi-player...that could be alot of fun...E3 in June...

Fanb0y3266d ago

They said no co-op... which is strange for Epic... we'll see how it goes.

BeaArthur3266d ago

How is it generic? Military FPS games are generic, this game looks like they are doing some new things that haven't been done before. I don't know if it will be any good or not but it definitely doesn't look "generic". If you are going to call this generic than everything in the FPS genre is generic.

alphakennybody3266d ago

"... haven't been done before" ah those magic words, plz it looks like UT with new skins.

BeaArthur3266d ago

How does it look like UT? That doesn't even make sense.

Chubear3266d ago

..actually, it looks like Haze but more futuristic fiction. Melee kicks were in Haze too. Go look at some vids of later levels of Haze and you'll see, considering relative release time periods, they're kinda similar only this has that UE/gears shine & vibe to it.

Looks like a mix of UT meets Borderlands meets Haze meets Serious Sam thingy..

The only way this gets serious attention is if it's a 360exclusive. If it's multiplat, people are not going to be shy on doggin' it.

BeaArthur3266d ago

Where did I say I was looking forward to this? I just said it doesn't look generic. It's not coming out for another year and it's a new IP so I will be reserving judgment until I see more.

Really? Looks like Haze? You might need to get your eyes examined.

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lowcarb3266d ago

Looks really good. Can't way to see some better footage.

TheHater3266d ago

It look like Mirror Edge (the kicking and sliding in first person) mix with a generic shooter. But I am going to wait and see. I had hit hopes after reading the Gameinformer piece a month ago, but this video was just a turn off from the game. Hopefully E3 or a demo would change my mind.

Timesplitter143266d ago

I think it looks fun, honestly, but I can't stand all the BROWN AND BLOOM Unreal Engine 3 graphics

Double Toasted3266d ago

I can hear my neighbors now telling me to turn down the surround sound =)

Kerrby3265d ago

I agree, looks horrible.

*use gun to reel people in*

*rinse and repeat*

LAME :/.

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MurderMyDoll3266d ago

To the above comments generic maybe yes but who cares look just like pure fun! who cares aslong as the game is fun have we seriously forgotten what games are about?

Can't wait to see more on this and I hope we see more NIN songs in further trailers

alphakennybody3266d ago

I haven't forgotten about "fun" but "fun can mean different things depending on each people. To me it looks very generic, there are too many shooters like this already out there.

Wizziokid3266d ago

nice first impression, looks like it could be allot of fun.

NYC_Gamer3266d ago

not impressed by that trailler just another typical shooter..