Dev: Brink Perk 'Great For Noobies'

NowGamer: Splash Damage CEO Paul Wedgwood has told NowGamer that his favourite perk in Brink will be a big help for Noobs...

Asked which of the game's innovative perks was his favourite, Wedgwood answered: "My favourite right now is ‘combat intuition’ – it’s a yellow thing that pops up and tells me when I’m in somebody else’s crosshairs..."

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mittwaffen3266d ago

I wont be buying this game after hearing that line.

maawdawg3266d ago (Edited 3266d ago )

Good, I certainly won't miss players with your attitude that skip buying this title while I am playing it online. If it eliminates the "I am a hardcore gamer and everyone else doesn't deserve to play" elitists and snobs while growing the community of people who play the game then it works doubly well. God forbid a game tries to make it enjoyable and accessible to people who wouldn't normally take to it or lower the learning curve to get into multiplayer at the base level. I have less of an issue playing with casuals than I do dealing with the "hardcore" players who think they are a magical gift bestowed upon the world of gaming.

Anyone who makes snap judgments about a game based on one line or quote doesn't deserve to play good games anyway as far as I am concerned.