Ubisoft Updates Release Dates for Pal Regions

Ubisoft has updated their release list for upcoming games for the Pal region. As confirmed earlier on by Ubisoft, Haze, the new AAA shooter from Ubisoft and Free Radical, puts players in the boots of a new recruit in the ...

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ALI G5426d ago (Edited 5426d ago )

AAA,when the hell did this game get AAA???
we only saw little bit of the game,

EDIT:@Sushifx,thank you for the explanation
major Brand : blah, new IP
huge sales : no one knows yet
nearly get unlimited Funds from Ubisoft:i do not trust ur insider
goodlooking : do not make AAA
huge fanbas : ERRRRR...

Ghoul5426d ago

AAA means major Brand and huge sales.

AAA also means that the title nearly get unlimited Funds from Ubisoft

Haze is a solid goodlooking game with a allready huge fanbas, so it IS a AAA game from ubisoft.