Bayonetta dev reckons Europe is the leader

Inaba made the comments in an interview with UK site NowGamer.Inaba said: "Japan is not as influential as it once was. When you compare Japanese developers with European developers, I am sure there are many different opinions, but I personally think that in many ways, European developers are starting to grab the lead in the industry."

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kraze073266d ago (Edited 3266d ago )

I would say the western world in general is taking hold of the industry. There aren't enough games being made this gen by the east. Who cares about originality if a game is great.

wissam3266d ago

The Leader in graphics. not every thing else. people must know what makes the game is graphics music presentation gameplay story etc.

Jdoki3266d ago

It's great that each territory is coming out with different types of games.

I may be a little bias, but I do think the most creativity is coming from Europe.

Xof3266d ago

Most of the innovative, impressive (western) games tend to be coming out of Europe, though Canadian developers aren't doing half bad, either. In general, I think it's just that the gaming industries in Japan and the United States have become too big, too profit-driven, to really be able to think outside the box, or bring much of anything new to the table.

Conversely, there are developers in Japan and the United States that are pushing the boundaries. Games like Fl0wer, World of Goo, Uncharted, Valkyria Chronicles, Persona, RoF and more are taking gaming in exciting new directions, while certain European developers are able to package up so much drivel, and call it innovative--Heavy Rain, Fable II. It's really a bit of a mixed bag. There's no superiority in any one area--just superior individuals here and there, drowning in a sea of mediocrity.