Top 5 Franchise Revivals this Generation

Sam Evans writes: "When I say franchise and use the word revived, I mean they were good in the first place and either vanished or died off in quality. A bad example of this would be Sonic the Hedgehog as he had the glory and lost it in the Dreamcast era and still hasn't grabbed it back."

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vgn245185d ago

Sonic would be on that list if it were after the release of Sonic 4.

Theonik5185d ago

I wouldn't say that. After some leaked footage i have seen i have started to lose hope on that game.

Javert5185d ago

Do you mean the cart level?

Cause I saw that and it looked conceptually interesting at the very least. It actually gave me a little hope for the game in that they are at least trying a few different ideas for the game it just remains to be seen if they can execute them well enough to work.

GunShotEddy5185d ago

Wish syphon filter would get a nice reboot

I HARLEM I5185d ago

please bring back the zombies & puzzles

xabmol5185d ago (Edited 5185d ago )

and give us some survival horror, damn it! >_<"

I HARLEM I5185d ago (Edited 5185d ago )

YEA ...........LOL

Brewski0075185d ago

Cool list , agree completely about fallout and street fighter. Fallout 3 is one of my favourite games of all time, so really looking forward to New vegas. I wouldnt mind seeing a list of ones which have failed! :)

Gun_Senshi5185d ago

I'm sorry, but as a Fallout Fan, I am INSULTED by that Piece of Turd with Fallout 3 Label on it

vgn245185d ago

I totally thought that the government had pretty much eliminated the use of crack from the gaming community. However, based on your cracked out statement that Fallout 3 was anything less than at least good proves you're a crackhead.

Javert5185d ago

Please refrain from personal attacks on people it only weakens arguments, especially opinion based ones like arguments over a games quality.

While Fallout 3 is a good game overall to many purists it isn't a good Fallout game. They would be fine with it if it didn't call itself Fallout 3.

vgn245185d ago

Nice forum speak tactic on the "weak speak" argument. Anyways, calling a title "a piece of TURD" isn't the type of mature foundation with which to build any credible debate in the first place. You merely received a response equal to the statement you provided.

Now from a mature POV, Fallout 3 was a commercial success and also critically well-received by the press and thus meaning the game is good. You have an opinion that the game isn't good and I have an opinion that your statement isn't. Don't fake taking the high road when you start off using the word "turd". That's the terminology of an elementary student.

asdr3wsfas5184d ago (Edited 5184d ago )

"Now from a mature POV, Fallout 3 was a commercial success and also critically well-received by the press and thus meaning the game is good."

The argument is misstated in the OP. The problem is that it is not Fallout. The choices are meaningless compared to even Fallout 2 and there are far fewer throughout the game. The effects of the choices are limited and only a handful of big ones meaningfully affect the world. In the originals they let you do literally anything. I skipped almost every fight. You could kill kids, it just gave you horrible reactions with most people you dealt with.

The dark humor in Fallout 3 also falls flat, the defining essence of the original series. I laughed so hard at the originals and winced at Fallout 3. There's a quest in Fallout 2 where you get a kid's doll back. You can rip it up in front of him instead of returning it. It gives you experience for teaching him a valuable life lesson. You can walk into the sheriff's and tell him you're here to "kick ass and chew gum, and I'm all out of gum." Fallout 3 used a goth girl for humor.

Don't forget the environments. Radiation doesn't make the world look brown. Look at Chernobyl. The original games never made this mistake.

Most Fallout fans wouldn't mind Fallout 3 if it didn't call itself Fallout. I gave up a couple hours in to play Fallout 2. I would have finished but the constant comparisons I made pushed me to play the original. This isn't an insult because Oblivion is a good game, but Fallout 3 is really Oblivion with guns. It's not a revival because it's not Fallout.

zatrox5185d ago

I must agree, while Fallout 3 was okay, it didn't had the dark humour, sarcasm and Wtf? moments fallout 1 and 2 had. It's a good game on it's own, but it's oblivion with guns and V.A.T.S., hopefully obsidian (A.K.A. most of black isle) will bring the greatness of fallout to fallout: new vegas.

Brewski0075185d ago

You can say what you want about the game but it did succeed in reviving the franchise. In your opinion it might be a "Piece of Turd" but to the many many fans and reviewers out there something worked :)
And it sure as hell deserves a place on this list based on that.

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Snookies12400d ago

I'd say Blazblue helped too. Didn't care for Street Fighter 4, but Blazblue was amazing during that time. Sad that the series kind of went downhill after the first 2 or 3 games though.

DarXyde400d ago

BlazBlue was phenomenal. Platinum'd Calamity Trigger because I loved it so much. I remember buying Continuum Shift back in the day at launch for like $40. They did have DLC characters (Valkenhayne, Makoto, and Platinum at the time) and it came out to just a tad more than it would at full price. Didn't mind at all.

Great fighting game.

Snookies12400d ago

Continuum Shift was definitely my favorite. Spent way too many hours on that game, haha... Had the counters for days with Hakumen.

DarXyde400d ago

I really like Makoto, Valkenhayne, and Hazama. Super fun characters

Terry_B400d ago

Valkenhayn ..just sayin'