Lost Odyssey Preview

The world will have to wait until 2008 to see Final Fantasy's first foray onto next-gen systems, but the original founder of that franchise is bringing a serious new competitor to the Xbox 360 before the end of 2007. Can Lost Odyssey beat everyone's favorite RPG series at its own game?

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Bloodmask5420d ago (Edited 5420d ago )

is looking really good. Impressive graphics. I guess 360 will get Lost Odyssey and PS3 will get FF13.

Only time will tell which one will be better.

the_bebop5420d ago

Are you including FFVS XIII as well. I recon you can't really say that either one is going to or will be better in this case since they each will have there own style, just like FFVSXIII will be different then FFXIII, if you were saying which games is better I think it would be better to compare the difference between say Oblivion and, either Lost Odyssey or even Final Fantasy XIII or FFVSXIII.

AAACE55420d ago

The only FF game I liked was 10. I don't really care about the new one cause it seems like they are going too far away from it's roots. And now they don't have the original creator on board to retain the series character... I don't know how it will work. Especially after 11 and 12 turned out!

I think Lost Oddysee will be a fine addition to the 360, and might make 360 owners stop begging for FF games. Even though I would still like to have FF 10 on the 360.

SuperSaiyan45420d ago

Whats the interesting part is that the creator of Final Fantasy is making EXCLUSIVE games for the 360 especially Lost Odessy that seems to add something new to the RPG franchise that is similar to Final Fantasy so who better than the creator of the FF series himself to make a totally new JRPG exclusively for the 360 and who knows it could become a good series of its own...

However I still want FF13 for my PS3 as thats look pretty darn good too! At least this time both systems are getting JRPG's and I do love my RPG's!

Elginer5420d ago

to a proper JRPG and from Sakaguchi no less! Still , I'm getting really tired of everything using the Unreal engine... I think for rpgs they should sometimes use a different engine.

bootsielon5420d ago

But it won't be revolutionary, just like Blue Dragon. It won't sway away the masses in Japan and therefore 360 won't beat PS3 in japan. In fact, poor 360; not only did they have a year head start there, they will have a 2.5 year headstart over a console with no JRPG's (PS3). 2 Years if you count 360s first JRPG, Enchanted Arms. 1.5 years if you count 360's first exclusive JRPG, Blue Dragon. I doubt Blue Dragon, Lost Odyssey, Trusty bell, and Culdcept Saga will be enough. The last two will probably get ported anyway...

AllroundGamer5420d ago

i hope Lost Odyssey will be much more innovative than Blue Dragon, cause i played the demo, and it was boring, chaotic and pretty much slow (and wtf is with that stupid voice, when you find an item??? horrible). But none of these games can beat FF, thats for sure...

Odion5420d ago

Except that PS3 is barely beating the 360 in Japan and Japan use to be Sony world, now its freaking at the bottom of the barrel