E3: Sakaguchi Talks Emotional Storytelling, Evolving Turn-Based RPGs

During a behind closed doors meeting at E3 with Lost Odyssey and Blue Dragon producer Hironobu Sakaguchi, the famed creator of the Final Fantasy franchise commented Square Enix's iconic series, the importance of emotional involvement in games, and development benefits of modern console technology.

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PS360WII5422d ago

Well glad he's making his come back but I liked this one.

Finally, when asked specifically if there is anything he is able to achieve in his games thanks to newer, more advanced technology, the producer quickly noted “graphical quality” and “programmable shaders.”

I wonder what else he said or is that all?

MyNutsYourChin5422d ago

Interesting read but unfortunately, he really didn't say much. He sounded more like a politician as he spoke in general terms and never really made any specific remarks other than the programmable shaders he'd like to use.

I would've loved to read more about his thoughts on turn-based versus action based RPG's. Also, I would've liked to read more about his involvement and point of view of story telling. Oh, well.

...and dude, nice stache. That's a Selleck stash for sure. He need a shirt that says, "Free Mustache Rides".