Analysts see Nintendo going strong

The smashing video game success of Nintendo Co. Ltd., considered to be an "also-ran" in the new console war just a year ago, is unlikely to fizzle any time soon, thanks to solid support from software makers and more casual gamers.

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Bloodmask4115d ago

It's just that Microsoft and Sony don't see them as a competitor. Nor do the fanboys.

It will be funny when the Wii overtakes the 360 install base and Nintendo will be in first in console sales.

Then what will everyone say.

AllroundGamer4115d ago

heh you are a Nintendo fanboy, so you shouldn't talk about fanboys in the first place... I have all the three "nextgen" consoles, and i'm really thinking to sell the Wii, cause there aren't any good games for it, and the games do really suck, just look at gamerankings, almost every game gets a 5/10 score. Yeah i played through 2x RE4 on the Wii last week, but that was the complete same game as on the Gamecube, or this time with all the bonuses like the PS2 version. The future of the Wii will be the same as with Gamecube, Wii will hold just for another year or so...

Nicosia4115d ago

The Wii is target is the casual. Gamers will always prefer some more ''hardcore'' systems. When the big games keep rolling, people will convert.

clownfacemcgee4115d ago

I am the most rabid anti-Nintendo fanboy on the planet. I believe it's not a matter of casual vs hardcore. What would you call Red Steel? It's a really crappy hardcore game. It controls like utter crap. I can't play it for any length of time without wanting to throw the controller through the screen. (I see why so many wriststraps break) There just aren't any awesome games. How is a motion sensing controller innovative? No one gives Sony props for their controller. Seriously, people just like Nintendo for no reason. And the DS's touch screen was so "innovative" they forgot to include the analog stick.

MyNutsYourChin4115d ago

Nintendo is definately in a league of their own.

Nintendo has initiated the creation of a new gaming demographic and that new audience is a now a huge supporter of Nintendo and their innovative vision. This doesn't mean that Nintendo is taking away gamers from Microsoft or Sony it only means that they have included a fraction of those gamers into their new larger Wii community. The gamers who support Microsoft and/or Sony still support them while also finding interest and giving support to the new gaming paradigm that Nintendo has brought to the gaming community.

It's becoming more obvious to me that the Wii is not a competitor against the XBOX 360 or the PS3. Nintendo, in presenting the Wii, has basically gestured to Microsoft and Sony that the gaming paradigm has shifted. The old ways of marketing games based on better graphics (sometimes at the expense of gameplay) and trying to out-perform one another by introducing more power and higher-end technology with each new generation of consoles are over.

Because of the introduction of a new gaming paradigm, Microsoft and Sony have now found themselves fighting two different battles. One battle against each other which is taking place within the old gaming paradigm and one against Nintendo which is taking place in the new gaming paradigm and also on Nintendo's turf. This is the reason why Microsoft and Sony are struggling against Nintendo. Their forces are divided into two separate and different wars.

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evil45674115d ago

I am a sony fan myself, but the wii is a great choice cus its just plain fun!

ArduousAndy4115d ago

that announced the sky was blue?