E3: Microsoft On How Games For Windows 'Raises The Quality Bar'

Windows Live general manager Chris Early has long been an advocate for the Games for Windows-Live cross platform strategy, and during an E3 presentation to select media, he, along with Games for Windows' global director Kevin Unangst explained what the platform has accomplished in the last year, what future expectations are for Games for Windows-Live, and how the effort is raising "the quality bar" for PC gaming.

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Rooted_Dust5426d ago

The last time I checked PC games didn't need to have their quality bar raised. This is just MS's lame attempt to force 3rd party dev's to do what MS says, and reserve supplemental features, that we have come to expect, for Gold voice chat. Why do you think Blizzard and Valve won't touch it with a ten foot pole?

FordGTGuy5426d ago (Edited 5426d ago )

because there would be no money in it for them. Blizzard and Valve have already become huge franchises and don't need the support of something like Games For Windows.


Its not financial support but in a way it is. They offer to the games they support the technologies and options they can or maybe the developer doesn't have to time and money to develop. Games For Windows will also make a not so known game get that little more advertising.

Rooted_Dust5426d ago

I don't believe that Microsoft offers any kind of financial support to those who wish to be a part of "Games for Windows". All a developer has to do is adheare to Microsoft's guidlines, and they are given permission to use the "Games for Windows" stamp.

TrillHeat9545426d ago

SO in a windows live game do you have to pay to play? even pc vs. pc?

FordGTGuy5426d ago (Edited 5426d ago )

Windows Live Silver comes with free Online Multiplayer. You have to pay for Gold to get cross-platform or you can use your already Gold Xbox Live account to log in and use that to play cross-platform. Think of Xbox Live on PC then think about Silver having Online Multiplayer and thats Windows Live Silver.

I beta tested Windows Live and its an awesome program I can't wait to play with it again.


lVlemphizStylez5426d ago

MS's attempt at putting everyone under the live umbrella...then charging once again for P2P a service that was free for ages...Valve will go to war with MS before they let it happen I think

BIadestarX5426d ago (Edited 5426d ago )

I know many people feel negative about Games for windows... but mostly is not because f what it's trying to accomplish... but more because the company behind it is Microsoft. Games for windows is free and it brings lots of features that it can only benefit the gamers.

Features like:

Single account login for all games. (Why would you want to fill out a form and register for every game you own?

Friend online status - Being able to track your friends regardless of what game your friends are playing.

Universal voice chat - Being able to start a voice session with your friends regardless of what games they are playing.

Game Invites - Being able to send your friends invites without having to have to call them or stablish some sort of communication in order to guide them to find the server or game your are on.

Gamescore - makes gaming more competitive and it helps you track your friends progress.

Access to all these features in a consistent way across all games.

How is that a bad thing for the gamer?
Sure Developers don't want to do it. It gives them more work. Many developers don't feel the need to have to add many of these features if gamers will buy the games anyways.

Putting aside the fact that the company behind it is Microsoft.. let's pretend is Sony or Nintendo... why would I have a problem will all my games coming standard with all these features?

The sad thing about it... that regardless of how you may feel about Microsoft.. if not Microsoft then who can do something like games for windows? Sony or Nintendo (Companies you would love to have doing this) don't have enough presence or interest on the PC to do this. Linux? Mac? nahhhh.... I think only Microsoft has the money and the will to get it done... so, it's Microsoft or nothing.. and sadly many of you prefer Nothing than to allow Microsoft to be the one getting it done.

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