Sony Launches Vending Machines

San Diego - Sony Electronics will bring its chairman Howard Stringer's "Sony United" directive to airports and shopping malls as it tests a new Sony vending kiosk to sell products from many of the company's disparate operations.

The vending kiosks, which will be maintained and operated by Zoom Systems, will showcase and sell multiple formats of Sony recordable media, batteries, headphones, Walkman MP3 players and CD players, Sony digital cameras, Sony Pictures DVD and UMD videos, Sony music CDs, Vaio PC accessories and PlayStation games and PSP players.

Sony is calling the new retailing approach "Sony Access," and will use it to both sell Sony goods and promote its brand name and products, said Joe Stinziano, Sony Electronics media and applications solutions division senior VP.

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ASSASSYN 36o5427d ago

Someone is going to try to shake this thing and get 2 for the price of one.

BubblesDAVERAGE5427d ago

They are copying the ipod machines...I got my first ipod from one of thoes..good idea to copy sony

Merovee5426d ago

Has had vending machines in Japan for a few years now, google it.

boi5426d ago

lol shake these things out huh...if u want to get cuffed by the police lol

how i missed the old days...u can do that without alarming the police lol

bIadestar5426d ago

nice but someone gona mash it up for real,homeless dude gona try rob it for booze money lol

Ghoul5426d ago

should only work with plastic money (visa etc.),
wont be standing in dark corners :D,
and probably indestructable too.

ReconHope5426d ago

i dont think anybody is stupid enough 2 try 2 rob a vending machine at an airport. they would get arrested so fast. shopping malls im not so sure.

darkdoom30005426d ago

next up sony branded cola!

intresting idea, UMD movies is a good idea.
I do wonder if the stuff will break when it falls down.

go sony

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The story is too old to be commented.