Halo 3 to be less violent than Halo 2?

The Office of Film and Literature Classification has officially classified Halo 3, giving it an M rating in Australia. Whilst the first two Halo titles have been classified MA15+.

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iceice1234209d ago

MA+15 be less violent than M? Bungie has said that the story is darker this time, though.

P4KY B4209d ago (Edited 4209d ago )

Or does a finished copy now exist?

@Icewake your correct. M is more violent than MA+15.

A quick google search shows that M is for over 16s only
And MA+15 is for anyone who is accompanied by an adult.

iceice1234209d ago

Finished, just polish and bug finds/fixes until release.

SuperSaiyan44209d ago

Its misleading then and should not have been approved because its the other way around, Halo 3 to be more violent than the previous ones but then I wouldn't call it violent as such since its not based on realism its all scifi lol.

Daewoodrow4209d ago

I wouldn't take it seriously even if it was reduced in rating (which apparently it isn't, from the last two comments). Videogame ratings are even more superfluous than movie ratings, and standards for both tend to shift over time.
For example, a movie can still secure a 12 rating even with a couple of uses of the F-word, or occasional use of the word s**t, something which would've instantly made a movie 15 only 5-6 years ago. And movies are often made U now, when they previously would've been PG, simply by putting the message "contains mild peril and fantasy violence" in the trailer.

WilliamRLBaker4209d ago

m is worse then ma15+ and standards are allways changing, rated r movies now 10 years ago would have been rated nc17 or worse.

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The story is too old to be commented.