Review Round-up: Super Stardust HD

GamerSquad can hear the Xbox 360 fanboys already, with venomous lines such as: "It's Geometry Wars! Sony has blatantly ripped off Xbox Live Arcade's Geometry Wars!" And the likes of: "Is Sony utterly incapable of producing anything remotely original without ripping off the competition?"

But perhaps you've got Super Stardust HD all wrong. Although Geometry Wars clones are becoming evermore prevalent, maybe Super Stardust HD is actually different... and perhaps it's better than Geometry Wars.

Don't want to believe that's possible? Don't take GamerSquad's word for it, let the critics be your guide.

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MrSwede4138d ago (Edited 4138d ago )

Wasn´t it arkanoid from the beginning?

Edit: From the very very beginning

erosevaporator4138d ago

and a bubble for knowing what arkanoid is!

timmyp534138d ago

gamespot was the only average review

popup4138d ago

Asteroids happened 28 years ago.

Super Stardust is based on that, not Geometry Wars (how old are these reviewers?)

Even Super Stardust is the sequel to Stardust (Amiga 1993) by the same company and even one of the same programmers .