Phil Harrison Interview after Sony E3 Press Conference

Phil Harrison gives his 2 cents about:

and more.

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Whoooop5431d ago

I hope you didn't googled that Phil Harrison pic thinking about yourself!!! :)

mattkelly19915431d ago

I did a lil. I was sitting there thinking about his sexy body, and you know when you search google images your never going to get anything right. So, I thought that pic would show off his rock hard abs. becuase hes so sexy.

Whoooop5431d ago

I was planning to put it on a story too some days ago..

clownfacemcgee5431d ago (Edited 5431d ago )

I don't think that's Phil, but the question is why not? Sony needs some sexy reps to do these gigs. They'll have Pamella Anderson and Brad Pitt as spokespeople. (to be politically correct) That would make me want to watch all the Sony conferences. (with Pamella that is)

Who wants to watch this guy give a conference?

Fan Tastic5431d ago

Poor little Moore, so frail, so sad to read that his lover died recently. Well his children will be happy again to have him home instead of boozing it out with that slut rag.

sak5005431d ago

Being ripped doesnt make one a better PR person, brains do, and where these are concerned Peter beats Phill hands down. Peter knows when and where to speak out, but phil just shoots his mouth off everytime and tries to one up his own foolishness.

TheMART5431d ago



But that's about any spokeperson for Sony. Remeber Ken? Jees that guy was king in talking nonsense. I think he probably even not understood the English he was spitting out. Just leard some phonetic sounds that had to make up English scentences!

Really. That new guy, Kaz or something like that in his pink shirt (indicator that after the [email protected] pink PS2 and PSP now a pink PS3 is on the way? ;-) ) is a bit better I must say. But Sony always send their morons to talk too much and deliver too few in the end.

Moore indeed has the brains and the timing for PR stuff in a very intelligent way.

Shadow Flare5431d ago (Edited 5431d ago )

being ripped does make you a better speaker

Thats why you suck so much mart cos i found this pic of you in a lonely hearts ad

Itachi5431d ago

sak500 and TheMart can you to be gay together in another forum this is news4gamers not gaymers

SlippyMadFrog5431d ago

What are you doing reading lonely hearts ads? Looking for someone ;)


Yo Dog

that was MESSED UP, I was friggin hollerin @ work

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GameHound5431d ago

I really like Phil Harrison. Seems like a down to earth and genuine sort of guy. You can also tell he loves what he does and he knows what he's talking about. I like the direction Sony are moving in with the Home system too. Its original, innovative and very interactive. All the ingredients to make it very successful IMO.

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