Xbox 360 Chatpad dated

What with all the excitement at last week's Microsoft conference (let us not forget Viva Piñata: Party Animals), you'll forgive EuroGamer for not picking up on this one instantly, but the platform holder also slipped out some lower-key peripheral announcements - a release date for the Xbox 360 Chatpad and the promise of some new Xbox controller colours.

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Mr VideoGames4209d ago

eh we already know the Release Date of this Thing, well atleast i did but thinks for the post i guess

sjappie4209d ago

I'm definately gonna pick one up.

Emmo4208d ago

So yet again, MS rip off us Brits, we are having to pay $20 more than in the US, it is out of order

Adamalicious4208d ago

No offense meant or anything (Microsoft does sometimes charge a bit too much IMHO), but I'm pretty sure the reason electronics always cost more in the UK is because of your tax structure.

BIadestarX4208d ago

Great value... I was expecting the chatpad to be more expensive... it even comes with a headset... not bad. not bad at all. I can't wait to see how this will impact many developers desicions to bring MMO and other games that do not translate well to consoles because of the gamepad or because of have to be sitting on a table in order to use a keyboard...

Emmo4208d ago

There is a 17.5% VAT tax, that doesn't make $20 Extra