Konami announces Dance Dance Revolution Universe 2 for the Xbox 360

Get ready to get your groove on in the next gen installment of DDR.

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Toolman5426d ago

Konami put this on the xbox 360 so all its owners get a good work out, because MGS4 10 dvd boxset is coming in 2008.

"press selct for codec call and change dvd"

Odion5426d ago

lol that was actually pretty funny

razer5426d ago

No thanks.. Konami you can keep this crap and all your other titles..

Are people still playing this garbage?

cookiemonster5426d ago

this game was not made for the fat people audience

Emmo5426d ago

You may not want to buy this game, but the more diverse games we have the more 360s will be sold attracting more developers to the system, so it is all good.