BlackSite: Area 51 E3 2007 Flathead Frenzy Cam Gameplay

Fly in close and unleash everything you've got on the terrifying Flathead. Make sure to check out the HD version following the link.

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PS360WII5430d ago

Intresting boss. I always like the arcade versions of Area 51... shame it's not a light gun game.

Captain Tuttle5430d ago

Reminds me of the seeders in Gears with the blobs shooting out of it's mouth.

VaeVictus5430d ago

I was interested in this game until I heard he(lead developer) was going to use the storyline to promote his political agenda. I DON'T CARE! I won't buy it. There are plenty of other very solid fps's coming out for me to give you money to preach to me.