Halo Wars demo before release date

According to producer Chris Rippy, the demo will arrive "for sure before the game comes out."

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Bloodmask5426d ago

with their XBOX live service. Constantly bringing out new demos, trailers, and movies.

This generation XBOX live has given the 360 a whole new dimension.

Good to see a Halo Wars demo coming.

The BS Police5426d ago

I think giving gamers a chance to play the game ahead of its release will help the Halo fans and RTS fans put their worries to rest on the game.

AAACE55426d ago

I kind of get the feeling this game won't be that good!

I like the Halo franchise and all, but I just get a funny feeling about this game. Just thinking of halo as a RTS game just doesn't seem right for some reason.

I hope the demo changes my mind though!

The BS Police5426d ago

It is kinda weird thinking about Halo as an RTS game, then again Halo 1 was oriignally gonna be an RTS game.

I hope the demo convinces me aswell.

Norad65426d ago

and they know how to make a good RTS. You shouldn't be worried that it might not be good. It will be.

THAMMER15426d ago

The 1up E3 podcast said it was awesome. I cannot wait to check it out for myself. XBL Rocks

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