New Battlefield: Bad Company 2 Multiplayer Maps Coming Soon

According to one DICE employee new BFBC2 maps are almost ready for release.

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sak5004593d ago

Can't wait. been seeing it in the stores for quite sometime now should be about time.

I can't believe it i was playing MW2 before this, that game looks like a Kiddy movie compared to this. NO kill streaks, perks to assist the noobs to get kills. Also the destruction and size of maps makes CODXXX maps look like something made for 486 with 2 mb ram.

Government Cheese4593d ago

I can't wait either. I just hope these 'new maps' aren't a couple of Rush maps with a Conquest mode added to them, or vice versa. I want some real new maps. Preferably some Bf2 remakes or something. I understand they can't completely remake maps like Strike at Karkand, because of the limitations of frostbite engine and it's destruction, but there are still some which have less of a city element to it that can easily be remade. Unless of course they remade something like Strike and Karkand, and simply made the buildings indestructible.. which personally I wouldn't mind

jjohan354593d ago

They're a couple of Conquest maps with Squad Deathmatch and Squad Rush added to them. If you go to the EA store inside Bad Company 2, that's the description of the upcoming maps provided by EA.

sak5004593d ago


WOW strike at karkand was my fav map in BF2. Man good times, spam grenades ftw hahahaah..

jack_burt0n4593d ago

my 486 with 4mb of ram set me back £

sak5004593d ago (Edited 4593d ago )


LOL i bought my 486/16mhz/2mb in 1997 for whopping $1800..

secksi-killer4593d ago

"backstab" from modern warfare! i also wouldnt say no to some more modern warfare maps as that game had some great maps. loving bad company 2 by the way.

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booni34593d ago

OMG i hope there VIP FREE! i luv bfbc2

geth1gh4593d ago

any dlc content that comes out for bad company 2 will be vip. thats why they announced a while back that they would never charge for dlc unlike modern warfare 2.

that statement is only true to an extent though. If you buy the game used, you will have to pay $15 for a vip code.

Government Cheese4593d ago

Thats not true, the new Onslaught game mode that is coming to BFBC2 will not be free.

zireno4593d ago

actually very few dlc that comes out for BC2 is vip. You can check by going to the in-game store and look at the future dlc, while most of the items are not described you can see that the vip stamp or sign is on about 4 or 5 of the items.

-Alpha4593d ago

I want them to fix the damn Conquest mode next. Cant wait for new FREE maps

SeanRL4593d ago

What do you not like about conquest?

xabmol4593d ago

Like, NEW new, or just same old new? I want some actual NEW maps already! Not just new modes for them.

pimpmaster4593d ago

there old maps just with a new coop mode

SpaceFox4593d ago

I hope we get a large map pack, this 2 maps a month thing sucks. Hopefully they'll also come out with some classic maps, I loved the maps from Bad Company 1 and they should definitely be added as DLC.

PainisCupcake4593d ago

Yes please harvest day and par for the course! lol

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The story is too old to be commented.