Eye of Judgement E3 2007 Trailer

Gather 'round the table, pull out a deck and engage your monsters in battle. Make sure to check out the HD version following the link.

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timmyp535430d ago

okay i cant think of anything... lol

Omegasyde5430d ago

This game will be a system seller for many japanese.

It looks great and innovative but probally won't do that great in N.America.
"Another great game no one played." (yet)

Odion5430d ago

that world looks cool it feels wasted on a card game.

Man it seems like a good story is hiding behind there

TruthHurts5430d ago (Edited 5430d ago )

and go talk about inferior games.

in your ghosttown of a 360 section.

instead of talking about something that is.............creative.

ElementX5430d ago

It looks fun to me, however the problem I have with card games is that they rely too much on chance. For instance, whether you get a good monster or spell card, mana, or whatever.

Shaka2K65430d ago

This look awesome and real innovation in gaming im glad Sony is doing this kind of stuff the EyeToy rocks.

Asylumchild5430d ago

The computer draws your cards I gess so people can't cheat so its all up to the computer to pick the right card I wounder if I can turn that off If I have a friend come over with his deck so He dosent see what I draw. Also you have to scan your deckunder the camera so everytime you get a new card added you have to re scan your deck IDK about that... I mean it works towards stoping cheaters but the fun in the card game is drawing a card and finding out you jsut drew an amazing card I think...

Lumbo5430d ago (Edited 5430d ago )

go and read up about Eye of Judgment please, you play cards from your physical deck and the game uses them. It works as the other card games work, you buy "booster" packs in the shops to get new and interesting henchmen to use.

The PS3 adds the graphical fights and "board" on the screen.

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The story is too old to be commented.