Movies on demand coming soon to PS3 & PSP

Whilst discussing the re-designed PSP, Peter Dille, Senior Vice President of Marketing at SCE, confirmed that a movie download service was being developed for both the handheld and the PS3.

Dille was speaking to Gamasutra, and although no release window was given, he said the company realised how important such a service would be.

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TheMART-sucksdick4164d ago

Ive been wanting this, all i need now is custom soundtracks :)

Schmitty074164d ago

That should be trademarked by Sony. (It's just a joke, don't freak out)

Anyway, for me, these movie download services aren't that great. I have never downloaded any movies from XBL. I've used the marketplace on occasion to catch up on CSI for episodes that I missed.

I guess I don't like the idea of paying for a temporary possession of something. I'd much rather have the DVD.

TheBigL053R4164d ago

I see the movie downloads as more of a rent, than a temporary ownership.

Its also a hell of a lot cheaper than Blockbuster.

goonerfied4164d ago

i don't really care about it but, this might boost ps3 sells.

eLiNeS4164d ago

but it will definitely hurt there Blu-Ray sells. This form of service will be the future but not for sometime, not until they come out with terabyte servers that connect to the PS3 or Xbox 360 and can store our whole library of movies, music, pictures and games. Once that happens, all media will be history.

SilvaSurfa4164d ago

But you know what.... its going to pay off cause has anyone see the price of BD movies. Holy crap. $30 a pop. 34.99 for the news ones. I'll take some DL service anyday. I will eventually buy and own some blu rays but not for $30 a peice. I'll wait till its more common and they sell for like $14-20. Same thing happened with DVD's. Just a matter of time.

Huddymonster4164d ago

I dont know where you are buying your BR moview from. I uisually get them at 20 to 25 dollars. A cheap price to pay for awesome quality.

fenderputty4164d ago

looking at blu-ray on

Much cheaper then what you're talking about.

Maddens Raiders4164d ago

is welcomed here. I think this might qualify as good news. =]

ReBurn4164d ago

With Sony's catalog of movies this could be a great service for the PSP and PS3. I think it is a preview of the direction that home video distribution is going. Some movies I want to see, and I'll pay 5 bucks to see them. But they aren't all worth a purchase at $25 to $30 on Blu-Ray.

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The story is too old to be commented.