E3 - Halo 3 single-player unveiled

Consider this your backstage pass!

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Monty_The_Great5426d ago

Halo 2.5, I get it, you think its not that much better than Halo 2, but not what you thought 3 should be. The great thing about Halo 3, is that no one needs to defend H3, because it can stand alone with or with us and our silly thought that what we say here makes a difference.

Zaskark35426d ago (Edited 5426d ago )

Bungie spent 3-4 years on this game and they can only create nine missions but you cant really blame them because microsoft makes them use DVD9 which makes games shorter and less detailed while sony is more smarter by using Blu-Ray Disc (up to 55GB of space) which creates awsome games like Killzone 2 and MGS4 which both can only be handled by the PS3 power. so basiclly PS3 owners get more quality games.

The BS Police5426d ago

I'm sorry, but quality is not defined by having the most amount of missions as possible, Halo 1 only had 10 missions, Halo 2 only had 7 missions (split into 14 smaller levels), so I doubt 9 long missions is a problem.

TheMART-sucksdick5426d ago (Edited 5426d ago )

Whats the big deal with Halo????? I'm going to be serious here. WHY is it so damn popular.... Just look at the way you move in the game, it looks like the physics were designed by a kid. The story is lame, how many other games have a similar story???? LOTS. People go on likes its the most amazing thing known to man. The most amazing thing known to man in my opinion is the will to breathe. People say if they ever met god they would ask 'what is the meaning of life'. I would ask what is the meaning of halo??? Funny, no, yes.... I DONT CARE.

Edit: Xi - I will take away the hahaha'ssss. But come ON!!!! halo 3 looks better???? yep? NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO. Are you blind, do you need help... then call 6969 blow me.

Edit; Oh yerr Bill Gates are you in the building??? we need you hahahaha we need more laughs NOW. hhahaha

kooplar5426d ago (Edited 5426d ago )

``Bungie spent 3-4 years on this game and they can only create nine missions but you cant really blame them because microsoft makes them use DVD9 which makes games shorter and less detailed while sony is MORE SMARTER by using Blu-Ray Disc (up to 55GB of space) which creates awsome games like Killzone 2 and MGS4 which both can only be handled by the PS3 power. so basiclly PS3 owners get more quality games.´´

If sony is MORE SMARTER, that makes you more dumber

Skizelli5426d ago

LOL, spoken like a true fanboy. Bravo. Only a fanboy calls a game he hasn't played yet a "great game," and thinks size = a great game. My laugh of the day. Priceless.

nasim5426d ago

what a shame ?? halo 3 is being released in the era of Crysis and Lair.

this game is too cartoony to challenge ps3 greats

Optimus Prime5425d ago

haha, your the guy who thinks that liar has ULTRAREALISTIC graphics. haha that is way to funny, go look at your ULTRAREALISTIC fire in liar, that looks SOOOOOOOO REAL!

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killercam195426d ago

gears had probly 10 missions which are split into about 4 sections each so is halo if u actually played halo u would kno that its not a short game

TruthHurts5426d ago (Edited 5426d ago )

did you say
Gears wasn`t that short?
man i beat that game
the first night i got it.

i split my comment into 4 sections and its still short.

@BS police

HALO2`s single player sucked.

7 missions? thats sooooooooooooooooooooo NES.
and by the way, why don`t you post your own comments instead of just replying to ones you feel comfortable enough to respond to.
you rarely give your opinion, you just trash everyone elses.

and lastly.
HALOs a multiplayer game, get over it.

really in my opinion, they should have just scrapped the SP and actually made the MP look half decent.


wow. you really are a diehard. you make me laugh.

THANK you.


hey man, NO SPOILERS.
you just gave away the game, thanks alot! LOL.


YES, halo will be the biggest game this FALL.
BUT it will not be as big as HALO2.

why, because its SUB-PAR compared to (i won`t say KZ) COD4,HAZE,BIA just to name a few.

wheres the VIDEO COMPARISON w/ KZ2?
i wonder.

@bs police

whos tells a person over a CPU to get a life?
doesn`t that seem a little strange to you.
why didn`t you just reply like u normally do?

i love my life. thanks.

and lastly.
the only reason i`m hear IS i`m from now on will make you DEAL w/ all the negativity ALL of you spread in the ps3 threads.

so, here is the TRUTH and IT HURTS.

HALO ain`t SH!T for a the game it should be.

and AGAIN i DARE one of you TO put up a KILLZONE 2 vs HALO3 comparison video. unless you really do want the TRUTH to HURT.

but none of you will because you already know the TRUTH.
and I DARE any of you.

TIME just ran out, DEAL w/ IT.



If you think, because you have more bubbles than me your right.


i OWN over 40 games.
feel pretty dumb, huh?
nice assumtion!
way to go, champ.


"If KZ2 is so great why don't you go and post in a Sony thread"

if it wasn`t so great why did all of you spend 2 days straight in the ps3 section talking about it. hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.

@bs police.

your soooooooooo pretentious, get over your self.
and NO, ive just started doing this since e3.
and by the way i wasn`t talking about you being in ps3 thread, cause your right your usually not.

1 bubble means nothing, again if you think it does, YOU NEED A LIFE.
and you probaly don`t like PS, WHY? because you have NO imagination, hence why you don`t write your own comments and just reply to others, which oddly enough you still haven`t done to me. WHY? because you know i`m right. So your NOT gonna set your self up like that. the MIND is a FUNNY thing.

ohh and this has nothing to do w/ your rep, again, your online.


yes, you did.

you like all 360ers, think people with playstations don`t play games.

MEDIORCE game like Lost PLAnet, don`t do it for me.

"Ya if the game needed to be longer it could be a more discs. Hell Killzone 2 will prob not be long because.

If that demo level was 2 gigs, lets say a real level is 4, so if you have 8 or 9 level thats 36 gigs right there, add on MP maps, and cut scenes, and you find yourself at 50 gigs with the same size as Halo"

oh my god, thanks sooooooooo much.

i`m gonna be laughing for weeks.

@power of green.

keep talkin.

"they base the fact that halo sucks because it's graphics don't look ultra-realistic. It takes a retarded 10 year old to not realize such things."

Thats funny, all i heard about for the last while IS.

-Gears graphics are the best ever.
-Every 360 game looks better than the ps3 version, so its better.
-the 360 is capable of better graphics than the ps3.

to name a few.




WHERES THE KILLZONE 2 vs HALO3 video comparison?

Zaskark35426d ago (Edited 5426d ago )

Epic was into GOW for the money and the game does not look all that great and it had no innovation to it what so ever RUN,SHOOT,COVER,RUN,SHOOT,COVE R,RUN you get the point gets very old quick and you can beat the game in less than 8 hours which shows me how rushed it was to the market

kooplar5426d ago (Edited 5426d ago )

@1 TruthHurts
Wow, the truth is you only have 1 bubble so u have to edit your own comment to actually say something else. Stop being a hater and admit halo is awesome. Stop bashing halo and start playing some damn games ( I guess if u only have a ps3 ur gana have to wait for some good games, but w/e)

@2 TruthHurts
actually no.....
i didn't assume anything....
and 40 games?!? wow, go play them

THAMMER15426d ago

You have earned your self another ignore. That makes 11 for you buddy with ZERO TracKs. LOL

i Shank u5426d ago

dude that sucked. whyd you post that?

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