Hell is other players

Part of the reason games make such an interesting topic is because they are so multi-faceted. You can talk about a game as an abstract design, as an individual experience, as a part of a broader culture, as an economic product, as a technical showpiece and many other things besides.

Sometimes it's not about a game at all; it's about the people.

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Persistantthug3263d ago

It's actually pretty rare that I've run into bad behavior on this game.

Not sure why, but it's true.

iceman063263d ago

that this was the most coherent and complete opinion article that I have ever read from Kotaku...then I saw that it was a republished article from somebody writing a thesis on video games!
@Thug...I haven't either. Really didn't too much on MW2...although I'll admit that I only played about 20 hours online in that. Oh...and I'm not sure why either!!! Interesting nonetheless!