White Knight Chronicles 2 Includes White Knight Chronicles 1

You want value for your buck? Then check out this sweet bonus from Level-5 and Sony. A retail listing for White Knight Chronicles 2 reveals that the sequel will include the latest revision of the original White Knight Chronicles.

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xTruthx4582d ago

well that would be awesome, sold my copy after finishing twice.

erathaol4582d ago

This doesn't make sense. Why and how are they going to do this? Not only would the Trophy List Clash but also the Multiplayer. Not to mention destroy any possibility of a small sales boost toward the original when the sequel is released.

I know they have the space on the Blu-Ray but its still a strange thing to bundle two games together on a disc.

snake-OO4582d ago

just look at god of colection . the trophies on that collection do not clash.

Baka-akaB4581d ago

the small boost would be abysmal , with pretty much everyone interested already owning the first game , or not bothering to buy two games for the sake of understanding a plot .

Instead its rather smart , it ensures newcomers wont be left behind with plot and content from the first game

erathaol4581d ago

That answers that. I just kind of feel bad for the people who bought the original. I mean wouldn't you be a bit upset that you spent $60 dollars on a game that will be free when you spend another $60 dollars on the 2nd installment?

That aside I guess me friend will be happy since he passed up the first one when all the low review scores started coming in. He mainly wanted the game for the MP cause it gave off a Monster Hunter vibe.

Baka-akaB4581d ago (Edited 4581d ago )

er actually no , i'm very cool with it , as most current owners .
We'll be ready instead of doing the two games in a row , and there are quite a few freebies that probably wont be there .
Plus it means a back up copy of the game .

Copy of the first game or not , the price of the second game wouldnt be different , and i wouldnt envy people maxing out the first game in a rush so they could play the second one quickly .

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ELite_Ghost4581d ago

cause the first one flopped anyway?
And last time I checked, everyone loves 241 :D

Myst4582d ago

That would be awesome, I still have mine I need to go back and get to level 50. This is the worst time for me to want to go back to that game to...:(

rob60214582d ago

I kinda think Insomniac should do that with Resistance3, but have the other 2 campaigns included with co op..

Ju4582d ago

On the new engine :) (like LBP2 runs LPB levels...just dreaming).

BeaArthur4582d ago

That would be cool for anyone who didn't play the original.

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The story is too old to be commented.