LittleBigPlanet 2 – Qore footage

Yesterday I showed you a extract the trailer, there is everything today

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BrunoM3264d ago

WOW ....

"We hope to have 1MIL games done"

now that sounds kick ass .. not levels GAMES .. will keep my eyes on LBP2 if all comes the way they say day 1 for me

MerkinMax3264d ago

I love how the characters spin and flip through the air now. Looks like so much fun!!!

Julie3264d ago

Omigosh! i love it! mine my own ... my precious! D:

Fun i hope i can make an adventure/rpgish lvl , poke his eyes sack meep! :)

RageAgainstTheMShine3264d ago (Edited 3264d ago )


Man those wall jumps remind me of Shinobi III on the Genesis!

We can make a Super Gigantic Mario-bot with them Sackbots too just like in the DS.

Grapple Hook reminds me of Super Metroid SNES.

A short version of the G Hook means only one thing: Strider on the Genesis.

50 layer bug means Yu Yu Hakusho fighting game by Treasure on the Mega Drive and parallax scrolling for Thunder Force III.

MGRogue20173264d ago

very very good stuff, indeed! :D

cool cole3264d ago

I don't see why anybody wouldn't want this game.

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Blacktric3264d ago

Answer is simple; some people (including me) don't like this whole "play, create, share" thing. I just want to play the game to discover what's going on with story, characters etc. then focus on getting achievements/trophies. Maybe it's because I'm not creative at all. I may give a try to the first one though. Didn't bought any games for my PS3 for 2 months and the game is on sale on some websites.

UP3264d ago

Just play the amazing user created levels. there are ALOT. try them out.

IHateYouFanboys3264d ago

im with Blacktric. i bought LBP because i thought the developers could do some amazing things. turns out they didnt, they just expected ME to do amazing things to keep myself occupied with the game. i buy games to play, not to have to create levels to play. as such, i wont be buying LBP2, as i got sick of the first one after a week.

oh and for every good user created level, there are thousands of absolutely rubbish ones.

badz1493264d ago

just admit that you hate everything PS3!

who said that YOU need to do amazing things with the tools to even enjoy LBP? I'm yet to publish or even start making my own levels but I have a blast playing lots and lots of levels in LBP and I have the game since launch! over a million user created levels, there will be turd everywhere but there's a star rating system for you to know if people like it or not! so, who said that YOU have to play with all those rubbish levels? you just want to find something bad to say about LBP!

Whoooop3264d ago (Edited 3264d ago )

I don't want it because I don't have the time to reach the real potential of this game.

I don't want it because the way it plays doesn't grab me like other games do.

I don't want it because I don't get much fun any more from side-scrolling platformers.

Catch my drift??

I do understand how big of a game it will be and I wish I wanted it, but I don't.

movements3264d ago

Very very very very Good stuff indeed.

pody3264d ago (Edited 3264d ago )

Thanks, really nice video! A must have game!

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The story is too old to be commented.